AEX – A Knowledge Sharing Oriented Crypto Exchange

HongKong – September 5, 2018 – The global economy is experiencing turbulence partly due to the change that Trump administration has brought to the world stage. Cryptocurrency has become another way of protecting property, in the long-run, besides gold and real estate. Early in May of 2013, AEX entered the cryptocurrency market featuring its unique social community and forum setup. Soon it established its blockchain service provider and cryptocurrency exchange position on August of the same year and leaped to the top of the market.

What makes outstanding is the fact that it provides not only the support of a cryptocurrency exchange, but it also works as a knowledge-sharing platform. AEX’s unique and pioneering coin discussion community provides information and a forum section. It allows users to acquire high-value insights through an open communication platform. The influencers post their know-hows and opinions in the community section to help filter and evaluate the numerous announcements of different cryptocurrencies. The general users can communicate and discuss their feedbacks with business leaders. The whole community is based on inclusion and openness. Everyone can have a voice and express their own ideas, thus making the community a free and professional one. At the same time, the community increases the verification threshold for every post. This allows the users to reach valued information explained in more detail. The community values premium content and promotes bilateral value maximization. All of these features make the users feel appreciated and valued by the forum. At this point, the community has 261 well-known influencers, dedicated to helping the users on the day to day bases.

AEX has grown a lot in the past five years. In September of 2013, AEX released its official token. It has also created a bonus mechanics which shares the commission fees dividend with the registered users. On March 1st of 2018, AEX published their new token, GAT worldwide. Since then they have created 12 billion tokens, shared among their loyal members.

Currently, the platform has the following long-term reward events:

1. Trading reward: 1 Million GAT is shared with the daily trading users.

2. Holding Interests. The users can receive 0.003% of their current holding tokens every day. The more tokens you have, the more interests you will earn each day.

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GAT is traded like any other token on the platform. The AEX team will also repurchase GAT once a week, so it can be used as the transaction fee and to vote for new coins or community add-on services. During the five years of operation, there has never been a security breach or loss of funds on the AEX platform. With the professional management team, strict funds management system and user-friendly service, AEX platform gained a good reputation and credit among its clients.

On the August of 2018, AEX teamed up with AMG to explore the market in Southeast Asia and share their famous service to the users worldwide. (Real-time updates will be posted in the Telegram group of iFA, feel free to join at

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