DeepToken at the Forefront of Cypto Exchanges Looking to Tap into Niche Markets

As modern society heads towards a heavily AI-assisted future, start-up projects are being created at a rapid pace to capitalize on all the potential. A major dilemma for such projects is the manner in which they source their funding. Traditional financing methods prove troublesome in a market with such a feverish pace, due to being too lengthy or inefficient. So where are these projects to turn? DeepToken Exchange looks to provide the answer.

It is important to understand that the entry threshold for AI is very high. AI is a highly technical industry, with extreme costs for research and development holding back many potential projects. With these costs growing rapidly and projected to continue to do so exponentially into the future, AI projects are searching for alternative methods of funding. Enter DeepToken Exchange (, the world’s first AI industry digital asset exchange. Having just recently gone live, DeepToken Exchange aims to provide relief to quality AI projects struggling to achieve the necessary funding required to break into the industry. Utilizing an innovative ‘Voting is Mining’ mechanism and boasting the support of DeepBrain Chain’s huge AI community, DeepToken Exchange will assist AI projects, helping them source funding and provide a platform for issuing and trading digital assets.

Beginning Blockchain Integration for AI Companies

As blockchain technology develops, integration into existing industries is steadily on the rise. As such, the creation of digital assets and need for digital asset exchanges is also growing. These exchanges serve a pivotal role in the engagement of users, and digital assets themselves have provided the basic infrastructure of the blockchain sphere. By listing on DeepToken Exchange, companies are able to raise funds quickly via token issuing, helping to alleviate some of their biggest problems. The size of the market is astronomical and so is the demand for these services. Founder of DeepToken Exchange, Yong He, draws attention to the number of AI companies globally, exceeding the tens of thousands, and the ability and need for a large portion of these companies to be tokenized. It is the goal of DeepToken Exchange to discover and assist quality AI projects from this huge selection. With DeepToken Exchange, these companies can take the first step in blockchain integration and embrace the mutual benefit of an expanding market.

Star Founding Team For DeepToken

DeepToken’s founding team consists of global AI experts with a combined experience of a great many years in the industry. One such example being Yong He, CEO of DeepBrain Chain. As the world’s first decentralized AI computing platform powered by blockchain, DeepBrain Chain can save AI companies up to 70% in computing costs, concurrently helping them protect data privacy. Hongquan Jiang, partner of Germany’s Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH (RBVC), also joins DeepToken Exchange as Chief AI Investment Consultant. Dr. Jiang has been working at Bosch since 1996. An in-depth understanding of AI technology and investments in famous British AI chip company Graphcore are just a fraction of Dr. Jiang’s many accolades. Also joining DeepToken Exchange as Chief Listing Consultant is WangKai Liu, co-founder of Zhishi Capital. As the former Senior Researcher at Huobi Lab, he was responsible for a huge amount of listing assessment work.

Founder, Yong He, said “DeepToken will be a financing platform for AI companies, a trading platform for AI digital assets, as well as offering support for their product landing; the exchange will stimulate discussions and investments in the AI industry through community assessment and monitoring of AI projects. Eventually DeepToken will help create a new global AI token economy.”

DeepToken Discovers Quality AI Projects

A global AI community consisting of AI experts, developers, investors and other AI practitioners will provide a sturdy foundation for the DeepToken Exchange. Said community can discuss AI and give voice to opinions regarding the potential listing of AI projects. They will also have the opportunity to invest in listed projects they see potential in. All individuals utilizing the exchange, be they corporate executives, investors, professors, researches, students, product managers and AI journalists and editors will have to pass KYC verification on DeepBrain Chain’s website. DeepToken will issue DPT as the foundation for the DeepToken ecosystem and community governance program. By allowing users to receive a refund on their trading fees, buying back from the secondary market, community voting on potential listing and major community affairs, the community will have maximum participation potential. Additionally, DeepToken listing requirements will remain open, fair, transparent and fee-free, permanently.

This will further alleviate AI companies of money pressure and unleash their full development, allowing them to more easily enter the market and divert their focus to the more important efforts of product development.

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