NovaGate Foundation seeks support for suit against global trading firm

Activist group claims that this company is engaged in illegal activities and harassing employees to keep them quiet.

Shyam Jeganathan is angry, fed up and not willing to ignore the problem any longer. It’s time to take action.

Jeganathan is heading up the NovaGate Foundation, a group that is suing a global financial and trading firm for extensive and persistent harassment of its employees. For legal reasons, the name of the company cannot be disclosed. He claims that employees are being subjected to corporate bullying at and outside of work, through the Internet and social networks.

According to Jeganathan, the company is engaged in unethical and criminal practices to achieve its business goals. In order to keep employees from “blowing the whistle,” the company is intimidating them and creating an environment of insecurity and mistrust. Jeganathan claims that there is currently a police investigation underway to explore the company’s business practices.

“It’s absolutely criminal what is going on there,” said Jeganathan. “This company is conducting illegal activities and harassing employees to keep them quiet about it. There were articles and on-line posts that that referred, directly or indirectly, to details of their work situation and personal lives. Violations of basic workplace etiquette were rampant, and employees’ privacy was not respected.”

Attempts to resolve this issue internally have been met with scorn from company executives. “Rather than addressing the issues raised by employees in a respectful and earnest way, managers were passive-aggressive, hostile and uncooperative,” said Jeganathan.

“Poor training, unclear policies and conflicting information caused confusion among employees, and their attempts to seek clarification were met with condescension, teasing and outright harassment.”

A lawsuit against a large, established corporation can be lengthy and costly. Jeganathan is estimating the cost for attorneys and other legal fees to be at least $500,000. In order to generate this funding, Jeganathan has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. Jeganathan is hoping to generate support from the many people who feel that corporations are becoming too powerful. “Our liberties, and in some cases our very lives, are threatened by the omnipresence of large companies,” he said. “We urge you to take action, and stand with the NovaGate Foundation in our fight against these firms. We will not stand idly and watch as corporations take over more and more of our government, education, society, and personal lives.”

For additional information, visit or contact Jeganathan directly at

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