Dusun Remotes Has Launched Vigorous Campaign that Will Help TV Manufacturers

TV manufacturers to Get Custom Remote Control Solutions

Dusun Remotes has launched an ambitious campaign whose sole intention is to give its customers custom remote controls for their TV Products. Dusun which is the leading custom TV remote manufacturer in China says that it will manufacture custom remotes for all types of televisions. It can customize both the IR and RF TV remotes.

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In terms of the televisions, Dusun says that it can manufacture custom remote controls for Android TV, Smart TV and even for TV Box. In other words, the company will satisfy the specific requirements of all types of TVs on the market. Customers will be able to get custom remote controls regardless of their TV brands. This is because Dusun deals with all the major brands including Samsung, Hisense, Lenovo, TCL, Skyworth and many others.

The ability to manufacture custom remote controls is because of the resources that are at the company’s disposal. Dusun claims that it has more than 100 professional and experienced engineers who are capable of performing any customization roles. The company is also well-equipped with advanced facilities that improve the efficiency.

Apart from the customized functionality of the TV remotes, Dusun says that it can also customize the appearance and the interface. Customizing the appearance means that customers will get TV remote controls that are unique and stylish. This feature may come in handy to TV sellers who are looking for the strongest selling points for marketing their TVs.

In terms of the interface, Dusun says that it can customize the way that users interact with their TV remote controls. The company can add special buttons, backlit keys and even LCD on the remote. The company can also introduce other functionalities such as voice control and touch control on standard TV remote controls.

Dusun has gone ahead to elaborate how its customers can get their remote customized by the company. If your remote control is already designed and is already in use, you can get it customized by sending its engineer drawing or even CAD module. The company is also intending to meet the needs of TV manufacturer who want to bring high end new-feature remote control for their products.

In addition to the above two categories of customers, Dusun also intends to serve customers who just have an idea of their ideal remote. The company’s designers and engineers sit down with such customers and work together in turning that idea into a reality. All the essential aspects of a remote control device are looked at during this process. In conceptualizing the idea, the company highly regards the views of the customers.

About Dusun

Dusun is a globally recognized company for its remote control technology products. Its products have received a warm reception across the globe. Dusun remotes specializes in designing and manufacturing remote control devices that come with different functionalities such as voice control, touch, air mouse and motion control features. To assert its authority in the market, Dusun has partnered with reputable brands such as Lenovo, Huawei, Skyworth, TCL, Hailer and many others.

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