Skyspace makes history with the digitalization of the transport industry

Innovative startup logistics company, Skyspace, successfully harnesses digital platform technology into transportation to become the first company in the industry to do that

Skyspace is an innovative logistics company particularly founded to serve freight forwarders and airlines, helping them to buy and sell space in real time and reduce their time lag of the process, consequently helping to create value for both the customer and supplier. As part of the company’s goals of ensuring the development of the industry and making sure every stakeholder is satisfied, Skyspace recently made history by becoming the first company in the transport industry to successfully harness digital platform technology.

The transport industry, particularly the logistics sector has evolved over the years, with different stakeholders contributing their quota to ensure the industry is more effective and foster its growth. Technology has also developed in recent times, offering different solutions to businesses across different industries. However, one sector that has not particularly harnessed the features and benefits of technology and its advancements, is the transport industry. This is where Skyspace is looking to make a huge difference by challenging the status quo and enhancing the efficiency of the industry.

Before the emergence of Skyspace’s technology-driven solution, information used to be transferred via email or in documents, creating a time lag and consequently causing delay. However, Skyspace’s solution aims to change this narrative by ensuring all information is available in seconds and viewable on any internet enabled device.

The technology was developed by an in-house team at Skyspace and has been described by many as a game-changer. This claim is substantiated with the significant growth in client base, which is a result of effective service delivery that has seen the company grow to offer more than 50,000 flights worldwide, covering 20,000 airports and working with 100 airlines since it started operations a couple of years ago.

The global supply chain used to have 2 networks – the organically developed infrastructure which took the global players a couple of decades to develop at great cost, and the global network infrastructure developed through expensive mergers and acquisitions, which is plagued with the problem of integration and synergy issues.

The third of the network which is the seemingly disruptive one is the one introduced by Toby Raworth, the CEO of Skyspace and his team, which is the key concept adopted by most digital platforms, similar to the case of Netflix and blockbuster.

The third network introduced by Skyspace is not only efficient but also cost-effective, as the unfractured digital network allows relatively smaller companies to plug into free software and have access to the same size, services, and economies of scale that used to be a luxury only dominant multinationals could enjoy.

SkySpace is an online platform that allows freight forwarders to book their cargo with an airline without needing to contact an external broker or local freight forwarder, consequently helping to save and time money involved in the process. The system subsequently provides users with the rate, routing , transit time and provisional booking confirmation within seconds.

Some of the salient features and benefits of the Skyspace system are briefly highlighted as follows:

  • Elimination of time zones
  • Elimination of language barriers
  • Provision of instant and accurate information in real time
  • Reliability and accountability
  • Faster and more efficient

Skyspace is basically bringing the logistics industry up to speed with the rest of the world with virtually all other industries adopting technology-driven platforms and solutions to enhance their service delivery.

More information about Skyspace and the innovative solution from the startup can be found on their website. Skyspace is also available across several social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

About Skyspace

SkySpace was created by professionals for professionals in the freight forwarding world, with Toby Raworth, the CEO with 18 years of experience in the industry at the helm of affairs. The company aims to digitalize the transport industry, making the industry more efficient and effective for every stakeholder.

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