OnionLand demystifying the mystery of the Deep Web

The internet has become the go-to place for all kinds of information, allowing people to easily get their desired information with a few clicks. By default, people tend to go to the likes of Google and Bing when in search of an information. This is understandable as such search engines have become synonymous with internet searches particularly as users get the results they seek. However, the majority of internet users often ignore the deep web and the massive information that can be gotten on the deep web or even what the deep web is about.

What is the deep web?

The name probably says it all about the deep web. It is an underground portion of the internet that is not indexed by regular search engines like Bing and Google and contains more information than most people think. This claim is substantiated with a study that revealed that the likes of Google, Facebook, and even Wikipedia offer internet users less than 10% of the information available on the internet.

The deep web also has a more secretive section, which is known as dark net. The process of accessing this section is a bit more complicated as internet users are required to download Tor. Most of the users of deep web are usually searching information about stolen credit cards, drugs, and other such information that are not usually provided on traditional search engines. However, it is worth noting that deep web search engines also have several educational archives, intel on news across the globe, as well as hidden articles from academic journals.

How to access the deep web

Accessing the deep web is quite simple and is similar to accessing a regular search engine. Thanks to the plethora of deep web search engines available, accessing the deep web is easy. The likes of OnionLand Search Engine have made the task of getting the required information through deep web.

However, the process might get a bit deeper as mentioned earlier when trying to get into the inner section of the web. This is where a Tor search engine or downloading Tor is necessary.

The mystery of the deep web

There is really no mystery in the deep web once one is able to access deep web search engines. The deep web is becoming increasingly popular and accepted amongst internet users due to its features and benefits.

In addition to having up to 80% of the information available on the internet, the deep web also helps to ensure anonymity as the data of users are not tracked like what is obtainable with regular search engines. Consequently, users can be confident of searching the internet for information without being disturbed by ad pops and other such noises based on their previous use of the internet.

OnionLand Search Engine is seemingly demystifying deep web with features that do not only stand it out from regular search engines but also deep web search engines thanks to support from the likes of Tor Project and Tor2Web.

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