Z-SYSTEMS Launches a Patient Facing Website and a Directory of Implant Dentists, Specializing in Metal-Free, Ceramic Dental Implants

Free platform connects patients with local implant dentists, specializing in metal-free, ceramic dental implants while offering information about the benefits or zirconia dental implants.

SEPTEMBER 6, 2018 – Z-SYSTEMS, the first ever dental implant company to obtain FDA certification for metal-free, ceramic implants, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. Visitors can search locally and connect with dental implant providers, specializing in metal-free, ceramic dental implants or “Z-Practice providers.”

In addition to connecting patients with ceramic implant dentists and oral surgeons, the Z-SYSTEMS website educates visitors on the benefits of ceramic dental implants versus the standard titanium implants, as well as, the dental implant process in general.  The website provides a wealth of information around dental implants and especially metal-free, ceramic implants made from zirconia, through interactive content, videos and infographics. 

Tooth loss and periodontal disease have been associated with a wide range of health issues, including cardiovascular disease, bone loss, chewing and speech issues, mental health problems and early death risk.  Dental implants can reverse some of these risks and restore quality of life by giving patients a permanent solution to missing or failing teeth.

The industry’s expanding shift toward providing healthy, biologic dental solutions has led to an increasing eagerness from patients and practitioners alike for a metal-free implant option.  Ceramic dental implants are not only said to be more visually appealing because of their natural white color, but they also come with a host of other benefits including decreased inflammatory response of gums around implant site, non-corrosive nature leading to longer implant life and a high patient success rates of 95% or more.  They can also be safely worn by those with metal sensitivities or allergies as they are hypoallergenic and metal-free. 

Visitors to the Z-SYSTEMS website can see side by side comparisons of titanium and ceramic implants through video and visual content as well as hear from ceramic implant providers about why they’ve chosen to start offering ceramic implants to their patients.

Dr. Ted Fields, a Dallas based ceramic implant surgeon, says of his experience with zirconia (ceramic) implants, “One of the big advantages of zirconia as an implant material is that plaque adhesion and bacterial adhesion is less than many other materials we use in dentistry and this allows a healthy soft tissue response, minimizes inflammation and gives us a long term, healthy, aesthetic soft tissue.” 

The first 5 Ceramic Implant Experts to be featured on www.CeramicDentalImplants.com are Dr. William Locante from Nashville, TN, Dr. Al Manesh from Mission Viejo CA, Dr. Paul Petrungaro from Chicago, IL, Dr. Joseph Sarkissian from Los Angeles, CA and Dr. Carlo Litano from Tampa, FL

The Z-Systems website will be updated on a regular basis with new educational material, testimonials and practice providers.

Patients can now go directly to http://ceramicdentalimplants.com to find a local dental implant provider, specializing in metal free, ceramic implants. 

About Z-Systems 

Z-Systems is Swiss based company specializing in manufacturing ceramic dental implants made from Zirconium Oxide. They offer a seamless platform designed to connect patients with local dental implant providers, specializing in metal-free, ceramic implants.

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Patients can find a local ceramic implant dentist by visiting http://ceramicdentalimplants.com

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