What Apple Fans Are Mostly Concerned About While New Iphone To Be Released In Three Models

The approaching September also signifies the release of Apple’s next iPhone, whose fans are eyeing its appearance, price, accurate release time as well as the dual SIM and dual standby.

According to the latest news, it is certain that three models of the new iPhone designed in the X notch will be released yet whether they will support dual SIM and dual standby remains unsure. Some people say cheaper version and the dual SIM and dual standby function will be available; some say models supporting dual SIM not dual standby will be offered; while others believe iPhone supporting dual SIM and dual standby will be available only in China market. But actually, who can say that Americans are not looking forward to a new version of iPhone with dual SIM and dual standby!

One of the three new phones is possibly a cheaper version with LCD screen, which is slightly inferior in terms of camera and body materials, and its possible price is 5888 yuan; while the prices of the other two OLED screen versions are relatively higher with the most expensive one expected to exceed 10,000 yuan. Is this the consumer segmentation strategy of Apple? Last year, the price of iPhone X with top configuration was as high as 9688 yuan, so it is not impossible for the new generation of iPhone to exceed 10,000 yuan.

As for the release time, according to foreign media Macerkopf, German operators will begin to accept the pre-order of Apple’s 2018 iPhone on September 14th, and they also stressed that this pre-order time is consistent with the time officially declared by Apple. After all, new phones will not be available even with advanced schedule. What’s more, Germany is also on the product launch site list.

For the above information, Apple fans who have to take two phones (one for work, the other for daily life) is more concerned about whether Apple can release products supporting dual SIM and dual standby. In fact, apart from Apple fans, many manufacturers have started early to develop products for the dual SIM of iPhone. For example, the new generation of SIMHUB dual SIM card tray developed by the Ultrasnow team has been successfully produced before the release of the new iPhone, and was launched on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform.

The shining point of SIMHUB dual SIM card tray is that it can hold two SIM cards at the same time, distinguishing it from other dual SIM devices, which must be equipped with a mobile phone case or a small pendant. In short, SIMHUB dual SIM card tray will not alter the appearance of iPhone, and the only difference is that other devices can only hold one card, while it can hold two.

Anyone is interested could log into Indiegogo crowdfunding platform and search for “The SIMHUB iPhone with Dual SIM Cards” for more information: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-simhub-iphone-with-dual-sim-cards–3/x/19222305#/ 

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