“Company Vakil is an online LLP Registration Platform that helps you in LLP Incorporation at most affordable prices with help of its highly Expert CA, CS and Legal Consultants.”
Company Vakil is an Online LLP Registration Platform in India, that provides Limited Liability Partnership i.e. LLP Registration in India at most Affordable prices and allows a free access to its LLP Name availability tool along with free consultations regarding LLP Incorporation in India

A Tech Legal Start-up, Company Vakil, provides its customers with facilities like Limited Liability Partnership Firm i.e LLP registration, company registration, trade mark registration, copyright registration. They also provide services for preparation of contracts like Employment Agreements, Terms and Services, Founders’ Agreement, etc.

To be a businessman and own a company is something that every person hopes to do at some or the other point in their life. Living the business life, having a high-flying company and endless resources available to you is something that everyone wants. There are various types of companies that a person can own under Indian law, starting from LLP Registration in India to Pvt. Ltd. Companies, Hindu Undivided Family, Sole Proprietorship, etc. While most people are familiar with Pvt. Ltd.  Cos., another prominent form of business is a limited liability partnership i.e LLP incorporation in India

An LLP in India can be set up under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. Registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, an LLP formation in India, as it is more commonly known, is a form of partnership where the partners’ liability is limited. This means that one partner cannot be held accountable for anything done by another partner, and is only responsible for his own actions. Companies and partnership are different in nature, An LLP Registration in India is a more advantageous option since it brings with it the advantages of both partnership firms as well as a Company. The biggest advantage, as mentioned earlier is that the liability for negligence or misconduct of one partner does not get transferred to or is not shared by the other partner or partners. While it is very similar to a regular company, it provides the partners with an option to regulate and organize their internal working flexibly through a mutual agreement, as is in the case of a partnership firm.

In the recent years, especially the last decade, limited liability form of corporation has become more preferred by smaller businesses due to its many benefits. Limited Liability Partnerships are much easier to establish as well as register. There are fewer procedural and legal requirements when registering a Limited Liability Partnership than in most other forms of corporations. Partners can begin registration of their Limited Liability Partnership i.e LLP Registration online. There must be a minimum of two partners and all the necessary documents need to be filed online. This is the most reasonable and the best form of corporation when the business is a small or medium sized enterprise. For More details about Online LLP Registration in India Click Here

The basic requirements for Limited Liability Partnership Registration in India is that there must be a minimum of two partners. In case there are more partners, it is required for there to be two partners who are the designated partners. Any Limited Liability that wishes to get registered must have its registered office within the territory of India. When designated partners are appointed, at least one must obtain a Designated Partnership Identification Number for which they will require valid proofs and must be residing in India. In comparison to a company, an online MCA21 LLP Incorporated in India does not require a minimum capital. For its registration, documents like PAN card or ID proof of the partners are required as well as a proof of the registered office’s address as well as address proofs for all the partners.

Limited Liability partnerships are one of the most economical options amongst all forms of corporations. The formation and registration charges of an LLP Company are far lesser than those of other forms of company. These can be registered with as little as just two partners. A registered Limited Liability Partnership also has the option of availing several tax exemptions. For example, the profits distributed to the partners of a Limited Liability Partnership is not taxed. Registration also gives a Limited Liability Partnership a separate legal existence, distinct from its partners, under the law. Since there are lesser procedural and legal requirements, the incorporation, management, operation and registration of a Limited Liability Partnership is much more flexible. The biggest advantage, however, is that since the liability of the partners is limited, their personal assets are not necessarily liable for selling off in any contingency. The only exception to this is that of fraud committed by a partner.  A Limited Liability Partnership is also left open to several subsidies by the government.

Company Vakil offers its services for company registration which also includes the registration of a Limited Liability Partnership. The experts at Company Vakil are trained professionally in law, chartered accountancy and company secretary. Company Vakil’s services are available around the country and also in various states.

Upon getting a Limited Liability Partnership registered through Company Vakil, the customers are provided with 2 Digital Signature Certificates, A PAN and TAN number, a certificate of incorporation and a Designated Partnership Identification Number. Company Vakil and its experts can have the entire registration process of a limited liability partnership completed within 14-16 days, which includes acquisition of Digital Signature Certificate and Designated Partnership identification Number as well as the process of incorporation and approval of the name of the limited liability partnership.

Company Vakil is dedicated to making all of its customers’ experiences seamless, hassle-free and error-free. As the one stop tech legal registration destination for all aspirants, Company Vakil is firm in redressing all complaints or queries by its customers, even providing them with the option of interacting with the CEO in case of failure of the redressal team to satisfy the customers. As an added benefit, they also provide a money back guarantee to its customers upon dissatisfaction. It is all-inclusive costs are transparent, with zero added costs at any later stage and include free consultancy as well as search for availability of the name of the limited liability partnership to be registered. The prices are customer friendly and the experience is customer satisfaction oriented.

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