Panshoo World Announces US Release of Farful Foolong Series and Nationwide Children’s Hospital Tour

September 5 promises to be a big day for children, as the Panshoo World’s book series comprising all three works will be released across the US. The illustrated series traces  the journey and adventures of Farful Foolong, written much like the classic style of Dr. Seuss. Panshoo World will also launch its Children’s Hospital Tour, moving from Florida to Texas, Alabama and ending in Georgia. The Tour will present the 45-minute ‘Farful Live Show’ to over 15 children’s hospitals.

The Farful Foolong series introduces three new works: “Farful Foolong from Oolong Panshoo and the Grey Bubble-Goo”, “Farful Foolong from Oolong Panshoo – Helps His Friend fight the Yuckity-Uck”, and “Farful Foolong from Oolong Panshoo – Learns ABCs at the Panshoo Zoo. All three books will be released by its distributor, Cardinal Publishers Group.

The September release of the book series and the hospital tour coincides with the month being celebrated as the National Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. Panshoo World advocates pediatric cancer research, and will be looking for sponsorship for the tour. The ‘Farful Live Show’, to be performed by author Nick Loren and Farful Foolong, will incorporate book reading, singing,  dancing, rhyming and lots and lots of bubbles.

In the first work of the series, readers will follow  Farful Foolong as he saves the tiny black and  white planet of Ooolong Panshoo from being taken over by Grey Bubble-Goo. The second work is about Farful and his sidekick Bubbles making their friend feel better while fighting the Yuckity-Uck. The friend’s character is based on a real four-year-old boy Isaiah, who is fighting leukemia, and is also  the inspiration behind the hospital tour. The last work of the series takes kids to the funniest  and silliest place in the galaxy, the Panshoo Zoo, where they get to meet all of its whimsical characters while learning the ABC’s.

Praise for the Farful Foolong series has come from none other than Audrey Geisel, wife of Dr. Seuss, and actor John Travolta.

Farful Foolong from Oolong Panshoo… the cadence resonates with a Seussian echo. Ted (Dr. Seuss) would have liked it!” says Audrey Geisel (Mrs. Dr. Seuss).

Every generation needs an original story for children that reflects earlier favorite ones. Farful Foolong is one such story!” said John Travolta, daddy, author and actor.

Author Nick Loren is an Emmy nominated TV personality, and has spent over 20 years as a stunt double for Hollywood icon John Travolta. The first work of the series was funded by a Kickstarter

campaign as a self-published work. The work has grown into a three part series, along with its own merchandise.

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