Tel Aviv-Yafo Finding a radar detector as a newbie can be very challenging. Making the wrong decisions can mean getting a low quality radar detector and at the same time wasting time and money. Since the quality of radar detectors varies per state or country, there is a need to make careful analysis before making any payments. In view of this, Rated Radar Detector provides objective, comprehensive review of radar detectors so that it makes it easy, and stress-free in choosing and buying radar detectors.

RatedRadarDetector.org is a radar detector testing and reviewing company with the core focus of providing quality and dependable reviews for anyone looking for radar detectors to make the best decisions, selection, and buying of detectors. The team evaluates all various models and brands of the radar detectors devices in the market, and tests each of them to analyze their effectiveness.

Willliam Johnson is the founder and owner of Rated Radar Detector. His passion, drive, and enthusiasm about radar detectors has enabled him to launch a review site to provide objection, educative, and exclusive radar detector information to the general public. He started the project after he first bought a radar detector which failed to detect, and radar a gun nearby. As a result of that experience, he resolved to create a radar detector review site to help people make the right radar detector purchasing decisions.

“The Rated Radar Detector aims to continue providing quality and reliable reviews in order to assist anyone who is looking for the best radar detector for himself/herself. Since some detectors leave a hole in the pocket, it is very important people should decide whether getting one will be worth it. Through the different reviews on the website, choices can be trimmed down into very few contenders for every driver’s best companion against traffic enforcement threats. Hence, my team, and I will continue on with the endeavor to feed the Rated Radar community with information to make the right radar detector choices.”

The Rated Radar Detector Org analysis all kinds of radar detector features, and provides an objective information for people via their site. Due to the timeliness, relevance and valuable resource contained on the site,  it has become one of the top visited in the blogosphere. For all kinds of radar detector reviews, resource, and information, the site is a top rated destination. The Rated Radar Detector Org provides various ranges of detector reviews which includes the following:

  • Detection Range

  • Detection Sensitivity

  • Filtering

  • Laser Detection

  • 360 Protection

  • Invisibility from Radar Detector Detectors (RDDs)

  • Other special features

Rated Radar Detector Org can be conveniently located at King George St 87-97, Tel Aviv-Yafo.
Contact them via phone at 0544600745, or via email at william@ratedradardetector.org. For additional information, visit their website at https://www.ratedradardetector.org.

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