Changhong laser tv, salute to the Voyager I

September 5th is the 41th anniversary of the launch of the world-famous deep space probe ’Voyager I’. This probe, which was launched in September 5th 1977, detached from the solar system after 36 years and 7 days’ travel and headed into the deeper space to explore more and more unknown areas. Voyager I is 21.1 billion kilometers away from the sun as of January 2nd.

The miracle Voyager I made is the most important event that has happened in astronomical history in this century. Changhong C7U series, as the guider of the laser TV domain,shows the extraordinary style and elegant quality just as the same view of Voyager I. Recently, Changhong released a TVC in order to salute to the Voyager I. We experienced the splendid sight of the earth, the universe.The launch of Voyager I represents human has stepped onto universe civilization from native civilization.

This TVC shows a tiny man-made probe carries many great thoughts including the greetings to the possible civilization in the universe, the spirit of departing from the motherland, exploring the universe and chasing the future.


As the pioneer of exploring the universe, Voyager I definitely is the most remarkable probe. Changhong, as the guider of the laser TV domain, on the other hand, being innovating skills and upgrading the products in the recent 18 years, has came up with the first 4K laser TV C7U series, which consolidates the technological superiority as the flagship product of the series.

Changhong C7U series carries the 4K image quality to improve the ocular experience. The rate of the color gamut reaches 180% NTC, the extremity of the display technique. It shows a better color, more pure, more smooth and real comparing with the normal laser TV.

Changhong CHiQ laser theater C7U series also contains AI 3.0. It’s easy for every family member to operate through voice commands to watch the individual content. Changhong truly let the household appliance enter the era of AI.

Voyager I is the first man-made probe entering the outer space. It’s like a messenger for human beings that flies off the solar system, just like the first voyage around the world or the first step on the moon.

In the vast universe, human never stops to explore the outer space from the old times. Always there is a person dares to be the pioneer, to be no.1. It agrees with the spirit of Changhong C7U series laser TV. Salute to the Voyager I. Salute to the exploring spirit. Salute to the masterminds of human beings.

Changhong laser tv, what you see is the future.

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