Reverse the trend, EMT chain jumped more than 60% on the opening day

At 6 o’clock in the morning of August 30th, Beijing time, EMT chain,the first public chain  in the global electronic music field,was officially launched on the CoinBene exchange, followed by the opening of the trading node at 10:30 on the morning of August 31. The opening rally was very gratifying. EMT/USDT trading jumped more than 60% in three hours. As of 13:00 on August 31, the EMT trading price in the CoinBene exchange was equivalent to US$0.1228. It is reported that EMT has been released at 11:30 on September 2nd.


Solid ecological construction has created a contrarian rise.

At the rate of growth, EMT has opened up a distance with many digital currencies. Although the air currency has recently broken the currency, countries have begun to strictly monitor the cryptocurrency, but EMT chain is still rising against the trend with its strong project background and solid ecological construction in the field of electronic music. EMT is very promising as a leading player in cryptocurrency.

The surge in EMT opening is due to the current global e-music industry explosion, the content demand of electronic music and the expansion of the pan-electrical consumer market. According to incomplete statistics, the global electronic music users have  exceeded 300 million, 2016, The number of electronic music online broadcasts was 163.05 billion times, and this number has reached 226.08 billion in 2017, with a growth rate of 38.7%. In 2020, it would reach 360.86 billion times. The mainstream of electronic music has become an unstoppable trend in the future. Such a large flow is waiting for a real platform to accurately solve the cultural spread of electronic music lovers, the promotion of electronic music works, the incubation of electronic musicians, and the integration of performance markets, which may be in the electronic music industry chain. Services such as social, music, media, digital asset traceability, confirmation, transactions, digital rights, and big data.

Redefining the electronic music industry to achieve self-operation.

EMT Chain is the global electronic music industry value interconnection and ecological platform. It is committed to the effective interconnection of core elements in the electronic music field, redefining the participants, content and behavior of the electronic music industry, using blockchain technology to establish perfection. The digital asset incentive mechanism provides mature technical conditions and efficient communication environment for the development of electronic music, provides a new trusted channel for content transaction realization, and develops a new electronic music ecological model to attract millions of fans and electronic groups. Musicians and user resources such as media and performance market enter the platform, rapidly improve the liquidity of digital assets and content of the platform, and interconnect the entire public chain and the value of all participants on the side chain and DApp based on the public chain. The underlying consensus and synergy of the music ecology allows all industry chains and even individual users to fully realize self-operation.

EMT was issued in June this year, with a total volume of 2 billion. The team was jointly sponsored by international electronic music culture promoters, well-known electronic music labels and the DJ Mag. The team has been planning and organizing large-scale events in the electronic music industry for a long time. The spread of culture provides a series of professional services for the operation of the industry and the circulation of resources.

Merging blockchain to create effective value.

EMT chain is a blockchain product that truly caters to the market demand. It deeply analyzes the electronic music ecosystem according to the problems that the blockchain can solve, and achieves the combination of cultural promotion and activities, and opens up and down the line. Expand the ecosystem of the electronic music field and plan a complete self-running logic, with the ultimate goal of creating value and making the value flow.

The EMT wallet was released on August 24th and will continue to develop wallets and DApps in the next few months, establishing a high-throughput audio industry vertical vertical public chain and distributed community incentive economy, while carrying out continuous offline global electronic music activities and IP creation, to perfect the construction of electronic music planet step by step.

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