Design Facilitating Brand Transformation, A New Era of Industrial Design Begins in Qinhuangdao

The big screen of the Times Square displayed the film promotion of Hebei Province at the beginning of the year, Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center established and inaugurated in April of the same year, and nowadays, the Sino-Swedish Design Park of Qinhuangdao sets sail – a radially-developed roadmap along the Belt and Road presents, fanning out from point to area; a resounding song for the quality development of manufacturing industry which is driven by design innovation is rising over the land of Hebei; a new engine for the development, equipped with high-end resources, international elements and design innovation, is roaring!


Industrial design · the engine of innovation

As the first international park carrier of Hebei Province, driven by industrial innovation, Sino-Swedish Design Park is engaged in an international design park of city brand, industrial design and culture and nature and a gathering place of excellent designers and institutes all over the world, so as to promote the overall transformation and development of Qinhuangdao’s traditional industries by the experience of the Park and provide first-rate design services for the world. By combining the manufacturing industry of Qinhuangdao with the design powers at home and abroad, the Park introduces high-end design talents and professional teams which are the world’s most innovative crossover powers with extensive experience, to support the local manufacturing industry and develop some of the local design institutes, designing the future of the design.


After entering the new stage of development, industrial design has become one of the core powers to drive the high-quality development of manufacturing industry and an important way to strengthen the weak in key areas. We are now living in the era of personalized intelligent manufacturing, where design makes the originally-outstanding products more exquisite, intelligent, practicable, comfortable and rich, and furthermore, it gives existing products new value through upgrading and updating. Taking design-driven strategy as a top one, led by innovative design thinking, enterprises, from the world-known Apple and MUJI to Chinese Huawei and Xiao Mi, have made themselves a great success.

Go with industrial design is to go with Shenzhen. As the highland of China’s industrial design, Shenzhen is one of the design centers and core cities of modern design of China. Also, it is China’s first UNESCO-recognized “City of Design”. In recent years, Shenzhen’s design industry is with increasingly strong development, which contributes to the constant economic development of Shenzhen. Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association (SIDA), praised as the “hand to promote industrial design”, has become the largest professional organization in the field, and it plays a vital role in the rapid development of Shenzhen’s design industry. Last year, initiated by SIDA and the Development Institute of Industry and Information Technology of Hebei province, the Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center was established, providing a strong support for the industrial transformation, upgrading and innovative development of Hebei Province.


Earlier this year, Zhang Ruishu, deputy party secretary and mayor of Qinhuangdao City, and Shirley Feng, executive vice president and secretary general of SIDA and director of Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center, signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Industrial Design Innovation of Qinhuangdao, on behalf of the People’s Government of Qinhuangdao and the Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center respectively, to jointly promote the development of industrial design of Qinhuangdao and put forth effort to solve the key and common problems existing in the quality development of the industry.

Industrial design · Policy support

The industry is more dynamic due to industrial design, the life is more comfortable due to industrial design, and the city is better due to industrial design. Located at the junction of northeast and north China economic zone, Qinhuangdao is not only an important functional area of Beijing Economic Cycle, but also an important gateway and pivot city connecting the northeast region. At the same time, as a city which is the first to realize the importance of industrial design and has the best foundation and the highest positioning for industrial design in Hebei Province, Qinhuangdao actively responds to the call for industrial design, strongly supports the development of industrial design and takes it as an important breakthrough in implementing the innovation-driven development strategy. Qinhuangdao has introduced important measures to support the development of industrial design, and to promote the business models including design + brand, design + technology and design + culture, striving to build Qinhuangdao into a city where the industrial design industry throughout the country gathers.

Qinhuangdao Municipal Government has developed 20 measures centering on expanding the service supply of industrial design, stimulating the market demand of industrial design, strengthening design & innovation of industrial products, carrying out brand building activities of industrial design, consolidating the support for development of industrial design and conscientiously reinforcing organizational promotion. The measures include: providing free office space for industrial design enterprises settling in the industrial design park for not less than 3 years; encouraging enterprises to purchase industrial design services, for which the municipal government will grant awards of 50% of the provincial subsidy; organizing Qinhuangdao International Industrial Design Festival Activities, to create high-end brands for exchanges and cooperation of industrial design, etc.; the municipal finance bureau will allocate no less than 100 million yuan annually to support the development of industrial design since 2018. These policies make domestic and international designers and enterprises of Qinhuangdao and surrounding cities quicken their pace of walking on the new industrialization path, so as to promote overall optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.

The development of these measures confirms Sino – Swedish Design Park in its decision to, based on Qinghuandao, accelerate the upgrading of regional industries, introduce and jointly build design institutions that take root in Qinhuangdao, serve the whole country and go global, and share international high-quality resources to gather and train a batch of compound high-end talents.

Industrial design · Agglomeration and Fission

Positioned at “Design Innovation Pilot Zone·Design & Maker Gathering Place, New Blue Ocean for Designing-Economy”, Sino-Swedish Design Park is accelerating to transform Qinhuangdao into an innovative highland. In terms of function positioning, it will create a design park integrating office, reception, catering, assembly, leisure, display and design experience space. In terms of platform construction, it will introduce Fab Lab (Fabrication Laboratory) and 3D printing engineering laboratory providing professional services for the industry and other high technologies. In terms of human resources, it is dedicated to gathering experts in the design field at home and abroad to attract well-known design institutions from Sweden, Finland, France, the United States, Shenzhen, Beijing and Qinhuangdao, boosting the industry’s sharing of top design.


It is reported that Sino-Swedish Design Park has attracted hundreds of design companies, studios for consultation, visiting and negotiation during the construction period. So far, Swedish Design House, Yrj Kukkapuro Art Museum, Karim Rashid Studio, Idea Machine and other international pioneer design companies have settled in Sino-Swedish Design Park. At the same time, it introduces design companies outside Qinhuangdao to set up branches, including well-known domestic design companies such as Matrix Design, inDare Design, TopDesign, Brandesse and Vensan. Through accurate communication on design demands of industrial upgrading, it has injected a strong powerful force into innovation and transformation of Qinhuangdao’ s manufacturing industry. Local excellent design companies, such as Aitaoqi Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Minke Network Engineering Co., Ltd., Xiong’an New District Urban and Rural Design and Cultural Development Institute have also settled in Sino-Swedish Design Park to communicate, cooperate and innovate with foreign designers. The joining of these global design forces will not only improve the overall development speed and innovation capability of the design industry in Qinhuangdao and even Hebei Province, leading to high-end, international, intelligent and brand-oriented development of the manufacturing industry, but also accelerate deep integration of industrial design and industrial transformation and upgrading.

“There is no limit to creativity, and there is no end to entrepreneurship.” The collision of internationally advanced industrial design and local enterprises will definitely build Qinhuangdao into a strong coastal city, a city where the industrial design industry throughout the country gathers, a beautiful harbor city and an international city, adding unparalleled beauty.

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