BonusCloud is opening test, No need to buy new hardware devices.

BonusCloud has just released a technical white paper, disclosing that they will start the test network in this September, which is three months ahead of schedule…

BonusCloud has just released a technical white paper, disclosing that they will start the test network in this September, which is three months ahead of schedule. The developers of BonusCloud are all cloud computing experts who want to use new technologies to solve the issue of waste of edge devices computing power. Unlike other blockchain projects, joining BonusClouds network does not require the purchase of new device, and they prefer users to join their network using existing edge devices.

In BonusClouds white paper, their network nodes hardware adaption is mainly divided into three types: Lite represented by home routers and Raspberry Pi, Normal represented by PC+GPU and Super represented by servers. The earliest open test network is for the Lite, because the waste of the computing power in Lite is more obvious than in Normal and Super. For example, routers used in the home are generally powered on in 24 hours, but not always working, resulting in a lot of computing power wasted. BonusClouds computing power is not wasted on mining computing like Bitcoin mining, but uses in the actual business needs of enterprise customers, such as wide range network testing.

Based on BonusClouds reward mechanism, computing providers who join in the network earlier will get more token rewards. The white paper also mentions the reward plan for developers, that they can get token rewards by developing adaptive apps for different devices. Enterprises with computing power requirement purchase token to redeem and use computing power. BonusCloud hopes to establish a global computing power trading platform to change the traditional centralized cloud computing business model and resource allocation structure.

BonusCloud says that the token will list on the digital currency exchange in a few days, in order to give the computing power provider a clear reward before the open test.

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