KEY WEST, FL – Blue Coast Savings Consultants, a leading business consulting group, based in Key West FL, announced a new service and initiative to help clients reduce their health benefit costs, Blue Coast HealthCare Savings.

Average annual family premiums reached $18,764 in 2017. That’s $1,563 per month. To put that into perspective, the median monthly mortgage payment for US homeowners was $1,492, including property tax and insurance.  Less than 30 years ago, family health coverage cost just $200 per month, now the cost to insure the same family is over $1,600 per month.

For years now, employee health benefits have ranked as the 2nd largest expense for the average employer, second only to payroll. And employer surveys indicate that the rising cost of employee health benefits is the number one issue, or problem they are facing today.

“We have a healthcare billing problem in the United States,” said Blue Coast’s CEO, Shawn Hull, “The price for medical services and the price of prescription drugs, depends on how much can be extracted from you, or from your health plan, and you have no idea how much the bill is going to be until after services are rendered. The patient that comes in right after you could be paying one tenth of what you are paying, or ten times what you are paying, depending on their health plan.”

Working with a large team of the most experienced and innovative healthcare benefit plan designers, and administrators; Blue Coast HealthCare Savings is helping organizations to reduce the cost of their employees’ health benefits by 12% to 25%, or more, while reducing their employees’ out of pocket costs, and increasing their quality of care.  Clients gladly pay a fee of 25% of their savings, to not only stop the increases but actually cut costs.  Employees love the lower out of pocket costs and increased access to medical services.

About Blue Coast

For over twelve years, Blue Coast has been dedicated to identifying new opportunities to help businesses reduce their expenses and increase profits, constantly testing innovative marketing initiatives that put their consultants in front of the millions of businesses who need their help.

In business, there are two ways that a business to increase their profits, they can either increase their sales and revenue, or reduce expenses. With consultants nationwide, Blue Coast helps organizations to increase profits by reducing expenses and recovering overcharges in 15+ different expense categories.

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