Dublin, Ireland Periodontal problems are one the of the health challenges that never gives a person peace of mind. They come with excruciating, and agonizing pains, and makes it uncomfortable to do anything, this can go a long way to affect a person’s social, and professional life. Therefore, Milltown Dental & Implant Centre, the award-winning periodontist in Dublin helps people with their dental needs, enabling them to achieve a happy and healthy smile.

Milltown Dental & Implant Centre is a dental clinic with the goal of providing a friendly, professional environment where patients can receive the best dental implants in Dublin. They offer complete therapeutic, and cosmetic treatment to provide holistic health to the patient. Over the years, their experience, expertise, and competence in helping people with their dental problems have clearly been expressed.

They have a team of experts who are experts in what they do. They listen to the patients to understand their concerns and what is really worrying them. By understanding the needs and concerns of patients, they provide high-quality dental care for them. They examine clients very well and tailor their dental implants or tooth replacement to their specific needs.

“We offer a wide range of tooth replacement options. It’s never too late to replace missing teeth and get one’s smile back. With our Tooth Implants patients can smile again without feeling embarrassed!” explained the spokesperson of the company. “Our aim is to help achieve a happy and healthy smile through our award-winning dental treatment, always in a professional and supportive environment. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional patient care at affordable prices in our state of the art dental surgery.”

The tooth replacement options are made to fit anyone’s needs.  If you just need one tooth replaced, whether it is a molar tooth replacement or a front tooth replacement, the procedure is fairly simple.  Likewise, if you need damaged teeth replaced it works the same. The tooth is removed if necessary, and a dental implant is placed into the bone of the jaw.  After some time, the implant will fuse to the bone and is called osseointegration. Osseo– means bone and integration means incorporation. Once this is completed, the top section of the dental implant is placed, which consists of an abutment and a crown.

If a patient is missing more than one teeth, multiple implants can be used, or a full arch replacement is possible.  The full arch replacement, or All-On-4 as it is called, is a full arch of artificial teeth, secured with 4 dental implants.  This is a very popular option for patients who have many damaged teeth, from smoking or general deterioration.  The results are fantastic, Milltown Dental & Implant Centre has many happy patients with beautiful smiles all over Dublin.

Dental Implants are secure, strong, and a better solution than dentures.

Milltown Dental & Implant Centre provides cheap dental implants Dublin with free consultations available to commence patient’s treatments. They differentiate themselves from other clinics in the industry through the following amazing features:

  • Extensive range of dental and cosmetic treatments available in-practice

  • Professional dental services in a relaxed and supportive practice

  • Competitive and affordable prices

  • Individually tailored treatment plans and payment options

  • Free no obligation consultation

  • Fully equipped dental surgeries with state-of-the-art facilities

  • A dedicated and professional team who are committed to providing the best service

  • Regular staff training to keep up to date with current dental research

  • Sedation available for nervous patients

  • Easily accessible surgery in Milltown Centre

  • Ample free parking for patients

  • Late night opening from Wednesday to Friday

  • 24/7 emergency number

Milltown Dental & Implant Centre can be conveniently located at Milltown Centre, Bóthar Bhaile a Mhuilinn, Dublin, DUBLIN6, Ireland.
Contact them via phone at (01) 260 3741, or via email at

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