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Evanston, IL For very particular reasons, birds of a feather flock together. ieb Translation Services has always believed that little efforts make a great difference, which is why they are active participants in community matters and understand the importance of partnering with organizations whose purpose is to help those in need and to fight injustice.

One such injustice was happening in Argentina, where people were getting extremely ill and even dying of cancer or other issues related to exposure to pesticides made by a company called Monsanto, who are known for monopolized commercial systems, making transgenic seeds, pesticides and several other harmful chemicals.  

This situation was first brought to the attention of ieb Translation Services when they were approached by Anabel Pomar, who was a former campaign journalistic investigator and is now a collaborative journalist at  Ms. Pomar realized it was time to get help with legal translation services for the organization worldwide known as “The Right To Know”, which works closely with to raise awareness about Monsanto’s practices. In California “The Right to Know” was providing relevant information to the lawyers that were leading the first massive case against Monsanto.

ieb Translation Services began translating several pro bono documents to aid lawyers in assisting the victims in the U.S. to set global precedents. To date, they have delivered over 200,000 translated words focused on evidence against Monsanto and the number keeps growing with their continued efforts.

The majority of the translated documents were requested in a rush, with technical difficulty, and carrying the weight of knowing that, behind each of those cold figures, were real people with real lives, families, feelings, and dreams. ieb Translation Services made a difference and continues to do so.

Two years have now passed by and we can see the first results of the legal case against Monsanto. The verdict states that Monsanto is responsible and acted with malice or oppression, for not warning that glyphosate was a carcinogen. In this, the first case, with punitive damages, awarded Mr. Johnson $250,000,000 USD on August 10th, 2018.

ieb Translation Services are proud of helping the global community in translating this story in several dialects and languages across the globe.

ieb Translation Services is located at 1603 Orrington Avenue #501, Evanston, IL 60201 and can be reached by phone through (847) 440-1588 or via email at  More information is provided on their website at For law firms of all sizes, their legal translation services can help your firm ensure accuracy for your cases.

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