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No video, course, or book can make you magically good at the MCAT CARS section.Now ranking higher than even the LSAT reading section, MCAT CARS has become one of the most anxiety-producing barriers to medical school entry. The truth is that even a top-scoring “tutor” cannot make you good at the MCAT CARS section. What you need is an MCAT CARS tutor who has taught this section for so long that no mistake can be hidden.

The reality is that the easier it was for your MCAT CARS tutor to score high, the less mistakes they are aware on how to fix. So even if the MCAT CARS tutor did score high, has your MCAT CARS “course” figured out all the mistakes that can happen? 

Luckily, with only high-scoring MCAT students under our belt, we know our technique is working. We stick to quality in our approach The only way you can improve in CARS is by having multiple mini CARS sessions that focus on strategy absorption and revision WITH an experienced CARS tutor. 

When deciding your CARS tutor; you have to ignore the hourly price. Why? Because if a tutor wants to “profit” from you; they will win your trust and then take as many “hours” as possible to up your score. Is that really fair when you, a busy premed, are in a time crunch for being the perfect applicant? No. Hourly tutoring for the MCAT CARS section actually does NOT work (for math, physics, biochem, ochem, genchem, psych, and sociology it might).

You might consider; well, if they spend more time they pass more knowledge. Well, there is not really much time-based knowledge to pass when it comes to CARS. There is a proper method to transferring knowledge from a skilled MCAT CARS tutor to a novice student but TIME and hours actually aren’t the key (shock, right).

Do you know the difference between a CARS tutor who has assisted hundreds of students in their reading skills for the MCAT vs. one who scored well and is on his/her 50th student. It’s big. A skilled expert wastes less of your time, gives you way less anxiety, and ups your score through more ways than just tutoring sessions.

Our daily MCAT CARS prep course was designed with you in mind. We aren’t here to sell you on us being “way better” or CARS-only. We are explaining to you why CARS tutoring is one of the hardest skills to master; and why not everyone who says they tutor CARS actually does a good job.

Case Studies: 

We had a student score 130 in CARS. Did you know that was actually his weakest section when he started? Or, we had a student with actual reading disabilitieswhich prevented her from taking the SAT. Did you know she scored a 128? We had a student who learned English 2 years ago. Did you know we upped her CARS score to 129? The best thing yet, we will also teach you the strategy that can be applied to EVERY section. Not just MCAT CARS.

We are truly upset with how companies are marketing that they can teach MCAT CARS and are ready to provide a CARS-only service to prevent just think. Enough non-medical students who “took the MCAT” and teach “video courses” to save their own time while wasting your money. We got your back, and you’ve just read all of this. There is no fluff on our page because this section requires reality. We teach you how to read MCAT cars passages faster, how to take better notes for the MCAT cars section, and how to score above 127 for MCAT CARS.

Ready to get started? Our MCAT CARS tutoring course offers a free CARS evaluation to see where you stand. We discuss the program and get you started. Our pricing is for your reservation and booking in the program. Because we only have ONE mcat cars tutor; we do not allow more then 15 students at a single time. So unlike many courses who hire untrained tutors; we only provide the best tutor to a select number of students. We are always in high demand and want to make sure that only the students who will take the course seriously sign up as it is a 50:50 battle. This makes sure you get the constant daily contact you deserve while making sure our tutor is rewarded. Payment plans available upon request. Let’s have a stress-free MCAT CARS experience that won’t make everyone call this exam a beast. And we will make sure you become a natural at the CARS section of the new MCAT for high-quality comprehension and quick-reading. P.S. The 2018 MCAT CARS passages are truly longer than the AAMC practice and many other practice sections. Also: Just because a company has a good MCAT CARS book does not mean their tutors can teach you well. No tutor with less than 1 year of MCAT CARS experience can pass down mistakes for students at an amount high enough to increase their CARS score or speed.

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