Cosmetic Dentist North Houston, Independence Heights TX, Informs About Teeth Whitening Products

“Dentist in North Houston, TX, Dr. Behzad Nazari of Antoine Dental Center.”
Dr. Nazari is a renowned dentist from Antoine Dental Center and has warned the residents of North Houston, TX, from the dangers of backdoor dental whitening procedures. He urges people from his area to go to certified dentists for the procedure, instead.

Renowned Dr. Behzad Nazari from North Houston,Indepencence Heights, TX, who has worked with people around the area, is a huge proponent of using certified dentists for teeth whitening procedures. According to him, anyone selling teeth whitening products at an incredibly low price could be providing unreliable products. Luckily, those who have been affected by these products can still get the treatment they need through the right channels.

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The Statistic Brain Research Institute published research in 2017, which showed that the teeth whitening industry is worth over $11 billion dollars. This explains why it attracts so many disreputable providers. $1.4 billion was spent on over-the-counter teeth whitening products last year alone. This industry is growing as more people put emphasis on having an attractive smile for the purposes of succeeding in the workplace and personal relationships. Despite the popularity of these products, more people are becoming aware of the dangers, as well. Last year, dentists noticed a 29% increase for their in-office bleaching treatments. 

Dr. Nazari has been operating for more than 18 years in North Houston and is alarmed at the high rate of nonfunctional teeth whitening products in the area. He is highly skilled and experienced in dental matters. “It saddens me that many people buy into the teeth whitening myths. They act on misdiagnoses and this is what I am fighting against.”

In the world of internet and DIY, it is easy to do a quick Google search to find out how you can whiten your teeth at home. Some of these methods include using lemon and baking soda, activated charcoal and even whitening toothpaste. However, even natural methods should be undertaken with caution as the wrong proportions could cause your teeth fillings to be damaged, and even erode your enamel and dental cements.

Dr. Nazari’s biggest advise is that patients go to qualified dental practitioners for teeth whitening procedures. A qualified professional will give you a prescription only after examining the health of your teeth. It is imperative that patients only undergo teeth whitening if it has been prescribed. Such a holistic approach can only be done by a trained professional who cares about the health of your teeth in general. 

He also warns against using a teeth whitening kit at home because this only has the effect of whitening and there is no way to actually determine the health of your teeth and if it is safe to whiten them. “Going with a certified dentist helps you find out if you are qualified,” the doctor notes.

“Hands down a great experience!!” exclaimed Breana F. about Dr. Nazari and Antoine Dental Center. “The staff were all nice and caring. The office has such a welcoming and comfortable environment. Highly recommend them!!”

Dr. Nazari is not only an accomplished dentist in the areas of endodontics, prosthetics, dental implants, pediatric dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. He is also very active in serving his community. Thanks to his many charitable efforts, including food drives and free dental days, Dr. Nazari has been featured on National News networks such as NBC, ABC, FOX and CBS. His practice, Antoine Dental Center, serves the people of Bellaire, Independence Heights, as well as other areas around North Houston, TX.

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