New Kickstarter ‘Flohow’ turns family “to do” lists into “must do” lists

On November 12th, Flohow launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new app which helps parents manage tasks and chores in their household and assign rewards like ‘TV time’ or ‘allowance’ for completion. Unique in their approach is that these rewards will only be released if users provide proof of completion through a photo, video, uploaded document, or other means.

According to David Ian Forbes, the founder of Flohow, “Knowing exactly what is expected of you — whether between husbands and wives or parents and children, can eliminate a huge source of daily frustration. Flohow is an example of where technology can not only enable, but empower, so that children of all skill levels can have utter clarity about what is expected.  And parents, whether they are on the road, at work, in separate households, can have high confidence things are actually getting accomplished.”

Flohow is part of the larger movement towards life management through software tools like Evernote and web apps like Basecamp. Unlike competitors, Flohow has a central focus on family life and encourages productivity through clear and detailed goals, proof of completion, and rewards for finishing tasks. In addition, the app can record timestamps and location-based data to give users further tools to define or access the accomplishment of tasks.

The Flohow app will be available across smart phones, tablets, and laptops and will be free to use. The app will also include premium features that can be purchased through a subscription model. While the core functionality is based on previously developed, patented technology, the team decided to turn to Kickstarter for the opportunity to engage and collaborate with a community bound by common interests — families in general, or who face specific challenges like ADHD, to help further fund the development of the app, and give early adopters access to exclusive rewards.

“Crowdfunding via Kickstarter was interesting to us as we want to build a really useful productivity app, and engaging customers with passion so early in the process will give us keen insight into important refinements and features,” stated Forbes. 
In exchange for pledging to the project, backers are able to choose from a variety of ‘perks’ or ‘rewards’ including handmade bracelets, the ability to use the Flohow beta app, feature voting rights, branded t-shirts, an invitation to the app’s kick-off party, and more.

For more information, contact the creator below or check out the Kickstarter project here.


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