Global Agricultural Tractor Robots market is expected to reach $3.2 billion by 2024 – Radiant Insights, Inc

Global markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as Agricultural Tractor Robots proves its value by managing digital farming and implementing self-driving capabilities and features in real time provide farming management.

The agriculture industry is a $5 trillion industry representing 10% of global consumer spending, 40 percent of employment and 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions globally. Robotic tractors are positioned to help agriculture to be more precise, more efficient, and more productive.

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Use of much small tractors will help the soil base, creating less impact on compaction. Agricultural efficiency improvement is impactful to humanity, changing the size of population, quality of life and making a better future.

Agricultural self-driving features for tractors are the beginning of a full rollout of robot technologies. Self-driving features in place depend on having a human control the tractors initially. This is a first step in building fully autonomous tractors. One of the main objections to completely trusting self-driving tractors seems to be the fear of potential accidents. When the vehicles are running unattended there are often obstacles encountered that may cause problems, raising the specter of ruining the tractor. A $185 million market worldwide in 2017, the Agricultural Tractor Robots market is expected to reach $3.2 billion by 2024.

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Market Leaders

• John Deere
• AGCO (Fendt)
• CNH Global (Case IH)
• Autonomous Tractor Corporation

Key Topics

• Agricultural Tractor Robots
• Agriculture Internet of Things
• Digital farming
• Self-driving tractors
• Robotic Tractor Advanced Sensors and Guidance Systems
• Agriculture industry
• Harvest Automation

Table of Contents

Agricultural Tractor Robots Market Driving Forces 13
Agricultural Robot Self Driving Tractor Market Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2018-2024 15

1. Agricultural Robot Market Description and Market Dynamics 18
1.1 Digitization of Agricultural Markets 18
1.1.1 Shift to Digital Agriculture 19
1.1.2 Digital Farms a Reality 20
1.2 Challenges of Agricultural Robots 26
1.3 Automation In The Agricultural Industry 28
1.3.1 Robots Find A Place in the Agriculture Industry 29
1.3.2 Agricultural Robots Make Production More Efficient 30
1.3.3 Use Of Industrial Robots for Agriculture 31
1.3.4 Agricultural Robotics and Automation 32
1.3.5 Precision Agriculture Info, Analysis, Tools 34
1.3.6 Automatic Guidance 34
1.3.7 Autonomous Machines 34
1.3.8 Drones 35
1.3.9 Breeding + Sensors + Robots 36
1.4 Swarms of Precision Agriculture Robots 37
1.5 RAS Agricultural Robotics and Automation (AgRA) Technical Committee 38
1.6 Farm Bots Pick, Plant and Drive 40
1.6.1 Relying On Illegal Immigrants Can Be A Legal Liability 40
1.6.2 Harvest Automation Labor Process Automation 41
1.6.3 The Growing Season Is Also The Shipping Season 41

2. Robotic Agricultural Self- Driving Tractors Market Shares and Market Forecasts 42
2.1 Agriculture And Turf Automation Market Driving Forces 42
2.2 Agricultural Tractors with Self Driving Features Market Shares 44
2.2.1 John Deere 47
2.2.2 Case IH 48
2.2.3 New Holland 48
2.3 Agricultural Robot Self Driving Tractor Market Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2018-2024 49
2.3.1 Small, Medium and Large Agricultural Tractors with Self-Driving Features and Tractor Robot Market Forecasts, 53
2.3.2 Agricultural Tractors with Self-Driving Features and Tractor Robot Market Segments 57
2.3.3 Agricultural Tractors Installed Base and Self-Driving Tractor Robot Installed Base Market Forecasts, Percent Penetration 59
2.4 Agricultural Internet of Things (IoT) 60
2.4.1 Agriculture IoT Food Production Increases 62
2.4.2 Agriculture IoT: Global Shift to Use of Sensors 62
2.4.3 Agriculture Internet of Things: Venture Investment 63
2.4.4 Agriculture Internet of Things (IoT) Technology 64
2.4.5 IoT Crop Water Management 66
2.5 Agricultural Robotics 66
2.6 Harvests and Crop Production 69
2.7 Digital Farming 70
2.8 Robotic Agricultural Self Driving Tractor Regional Market Segments 72
2.8.1 Tractor Units with Self-Driving Features 77
2,4,1 Planting Equipment 80
2.9 Agricultural Tractor Robots Pricing 84
2.10 Agricultural Tractor Robots Regional Market Segments 85
2.10.1 AGCO 86
2.10.2 Japan 88
2.10.3 Sicily Tractor Harvesting 89

3. Agricultural Tractor Robots Research and Technology 92
3.1 Farm Tractor Auto-Steer Technology 92
3.1.1 The Future of Swarms 96
3.2 Technologies In Precision Agriculture 99
3.2.1 Robotic Tractor Advanced Sensors and Guidance Systems 100
3.2.2 Precise Control Provided by Autonomous Tractors 100
3.2.3 Autonomous Tractor Connectivity Made Practical 101
3.2.4 Mobile Devices 104
3.2.5 Robotics 105
3.3 Agricultural Robot Technologies 106
3.4 An Electronic System Improves Different Agriculture Processes 109

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