San Marino Optometry is Generating Buzz with Customer Friendly Services

When customers visit San Marino Optometry, a new private practice in San Marino, CA, they encounter an experience unlike the traditional eye doctor visit. With blue and gray colored walls, accent tiles, and a pop of gold, the office was designed with the goal of creating a serene and relaxing experience. The vision of husband and wife duo of Dr. Julie Phan and Dr. Toan Nguyen was an optometry office that feels akin to a visit to a family member, redefining what it means to receive high quality eye care products and services.

San Marino Optometry goes beyond expectations when it comes to personable and complete eye care, whether it is advanced diagnostic technology for dry eyes, specialty contact lenses, or non-surgical solutions for treating near sightedness (Ortho-K). The Miboflo technology for dry eye treatment offers patients an alternative and natural solution compared to artificial tears used elsewhere. The incorporation of innovative services enhances the offerings to customers. The office also provides complete eye examinations for glasses and contact lenses, and a thorough eye health evaluation, which is critical for long-term care. To top it all off, customers get to choose from a large selection of handcrafted eyewear with options for any budget.

It was Dr. Nguyen who spotted a good location in San Marino, and further research revealed that the town did not have an optometry office with local residents having to seek eye care services in surrounding towns. San Marino looked promising for the business as it had great schools and a supportive local community. The couple felt this was the ideal place to set up an office, providing the town with a world-class optometric facility.

Dr. Phan used her vision to make sure that the décor and ambience of the 1,000 square foot office made it completely different from a traditional eye care experience. Rather than the sterile look of most practices, San Marino Optometry reveals itself as a sunny, cozy, and comfortable place that resembles a home. The décor included use of marble and quartz, with appealing visual elements and designs inspired by the latest trends. The incorporation of this atmosphere allows patients to relax in familiar surroundings.

San Marino Optometry began serving customers in June 2017, and the reception has been overwhelming. The feedback ranges from acknowledgment of the exquisite office décor to compliments regarding the pleasant and attentive customer service. The online and social media presence of the office has also generated a significant amount of buzz. Collaboration has also been a priority, with Dr. Phan establishing connections to other local businesses, including nurses and healthcare providers.

Dr. Phan and Dr. Nguyen take pleasure in meeting patients and customers face-to-face and engaging within the community.  Their mission is to develop personal relationships with their patients to allow for optimal patient-centered care. Healthcare is rapidly changing but the one constant that remains is the importance of the doctor-patient relationship. At San Marino Optometry, the foundation is built on the promise of building these relationships and delivering the best care possible.

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