New Kickstarted Documentary Brings Awareness to American Prairie Reserve’s Mission to Create the Largest Protected Wildlife Area in the Continental United States

On Nov 9th, Erik Goldstein, an independent photographer and filmmaker, launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the documentary film ‘American Prairie Reserve.’ This documentary is based on the work of the American Prairie Reserve and the Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation. It explores the role of the APR and ASC and their mission to create the largest protected wildlife area in the continental united states.

“The goal of this story is to bring awareness to APR and their incredibly ambitious project. What APR has built so far is absolutely stunning and I want to bring viewers into this experience to witness it,” says Goldstein. “APR will need donations, volunteers, and support to succeed, and that starts with awareness. The film will not only help in bringing this awareness but also convince people that the project is worth it.”

More than 200 years ago, Lewis and Clark traveled through the northern Great Plains and witnessed an endless sea of grass abounding with millions of bison, pronghorn, deer and elk. Today, however, much of the prairie and its once-plentiful native plants and animals have disappeared. In fact, less than 1% of native prairie landscapes have any sort of long-term protection. 

This documentary follows the mission of the APR and ACS to restore the habitat of northeastern Montana and protect many of the species present when Lewis and Clark first crossed the plains, including the nation’s largest herd of free-roaming bison. To capture the depth of the story, Goldstein lived on the prairie with an expedition team and filmed the environment’s wildlife and scenery.

“For the first part of the documentary I lived out on the prairie and covered some of the wildlife and scenery,” says Goldstein. “I also embedded myself with Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation (ASC). This helps introduce the ASC volunteers and explore their passion and methods for conservation.“

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign will help raise money to fund an additional two trips to the prairie during the winter and spring months, which are needed to complete the documentary. In exchange to pledging to the project, backers will gain access to exclusive rewards including high resolution images of wildlife and the prairie scenery, a DVD of the finished film, and the chance to stay out on the film location with the crew. 

The project will be live on Kickstarter until December 9th. For more information, check out the campaign link here or contact Erik below. 

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