Innovative Movement Speaks Up & Addresses How Personal Issues Affect Business Life

It’s no secret – past experiences can greatly affect how you behave and function in later years. Scientific studies have proven this time and again, yet modern-day adults are still struggling to come to terms with the cracks in their soul and reach a point where healing can begin.

This is the core message for Sharon Bennett of the Shoe Fetish Movement organization which aims to teach adults, especially those in the corporate sector, to confront their past traumas head-on and embrace them. The group hopes to bring about a working class that’s able to take their unique traumas and use it to build their character. The empowering movement hold regular events and have new meetings in the coming months. Webinar 6wk training coming soon.

Extensive recent studies have shown that unresolved pain and trauma has a substantial negative impact on relationships, self-esteem, self-worth, self-love, family bonds, and personal endeavors. Those tiny cracks in our being might seem insignificant, but over time they hold more power over our overall growth than we’d like to admit. The Shoe Fetish Movement wants you to confront those cracks without fear or shame, and find ways to begin repairing those cracks as best you can.

The Shoe Fetish Movement is led by the dynamic duo, Sharon Bennett and Bea Moore. Both women have solid speaking experience and great insight into the various elements of women empowerment. The focus is primarily on working with various businesses to create a better, more enriching and healing work environment for both men and women to not only assist in improving individual lives but also improve the overall vision and direction of each business.

If you’d like to have The Shoe Fetish Movement steer your company into a happier, healthier direction for all employees, you can visit their website. Alternatively, you can check out their various projects and latest projects on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Sharon Bennett is an author whose books incorporate the emotional traumas people experience in life and the damages they cause to relationships, as depicted in Shoe Fetish 1 and Shoe Fetish 2.  The daughter of a late pastor and civil rights activist, Sharon is a women’s empowerment speaker and founder of The Shoe Fetish Movement with her business partner, Beatrice Moore. Together they strive to improve others self-worth, self-love, and self-esteem.  Lacking these qualities affect everyday life, our business relationships, friends, family and all social endeavors.

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