Horoscope Witches: Full Color Art Book Launches on Kickstarter

Independent artist nona has announced an opportunity for lovers of art and illustration to help her create her new full color art book titled Horoscope Witches. Now on Kickstarter, the book will contain illustrations depicting each of the twelve horoscopes as an unique witch character, along with their familiars, and a very detailed biography describing each witch, their traits and magic. This passion project was created by nona over several months completely by herself, she conducted in depth research into the horoscope signs, witchcraft and astrology, to make her designs as accurate as possible to the stereotypes of each sign, and to give as much detail and information for the reader to enjoy.

In order to publish her book, nona chose to utilise Kickstarter, a website that brings together artists and individuals who are willing to help finance creative projects. People who support her Kickstarter project will receive rewards ranging from signed, discounted first editions of the book, to limited edition art prints, and even an opportunity to have the book dedicated to them or a loved one. “Supporters get unprecedented discounts before the book is printed as well as gifts and other rewards for their support. Kickstarter allows me to bring this book to life at a level impossible through traditional publishing,” says Nona. This kickstarter also see’s incredibly low prices for each reward, with backers able to purchase a physical copy of the art book for just £10, when asked about the prices available to backers Nona commented that, “This project was never about making money, I just wanted to share my art with like minded amazing people around the world.”

The book publication depends on the Kickstarter project reaching its full funding goal by September 15 (12PM PST), the funding deadline. She has raised more than 50% so far; however, Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform and the book will only be made if the project reaches its full funding goal. Additionally, Kickstarter is a no-risk platform, so supporters never get charged if the funding goal is not reached.

Go to her Blog now to see photos and videos as the campaign enters its final few days.

“If you have a lover of art, illustration or witchcraft in your life, this book would make a unique and memorable gift,” Nona adds.

About Nona

Nona is a self taught illustrator and freelance artist from the UK. Graduating in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, she has since had the pleasure of working on several projects including the Burj Khalifa Princess, and the Elsinore Conference in Denmark, as well as several ongoing personal projects. She has had work sold and exhibited in Europe, Australia and North America, and currently has work on permanent display at the Bluecoat Chambers, Liverpool. She is known for her personal blog, where she showcases her own illustrations and oil paintings, as well as fan art, and photographs of her own adventures.


Website: www.nonagallery.com

Blog: www.nonablog.tumblr.com

Instagram: @nona.blog

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