China-Hifi-Audio Announces to Include Several New Line Magnetic Products In Its Portfolio

Founded in 2005, Line Magnetic is often known for its high-end products. China-Hifi-Audio brings these advanced products for their customers around the world to purchase them online at reasonable prices.

At China-Hifi-Audio, a team of professionals works day and night to keep adding new and advanced products in their portfolio for the worldwide music lovers. This time, they have brought several new Line Magnetic (LM) devices that customers can now purchase online at an affordable price. All LM products reflect the philosophy of delivering the best abilities that can allow people to enjoy music as a form of art. From CD players to DACs, one can now choose from a range of LM products online available in the stock of China-Hifi-Audio.

Music is very important in everyone’s daily life. At the same time, high quality equipments are equally important to play and enjoy music to the fullest. China-Hifi-Audio completely agrees to this fact and brings tried and tested products for customers to purchase them online in a hassle-free manner. Customers can now buy LM tube integrated amplifier, LM CD player with remote, LM single-ended amplifier, LM loudspeaker and other products of the company. The online store has now different series of LM products in their portfolio that can be suitable for music lovers around the world. Every music lover will admire the LM products for their outstanding craftsmanship and the intrinsic value they carry.

China-Hifi-Audio Announces to Include Several New Line Magnetic Products In Its Portfolio

Among different types of LM products, one can particularly check the Line Magnetic 518ia, which is a single-ended Class A tube amplifier. It also consists of one pair of power amp input and can also serve the purpose of a power amplifier. With a single-ended triode design, the product comes with a remote control.  The pure Class A stereo amplifier has 845 output power tubes for achieving a powerful sound amplification. It comes with different kinds of driver tubes, and a user can select preferable tubes by judging different sounds. The amplifier contains 4 pairs of inputs and has speaker panels on its back panel. The device also features an External Hum Balance adjustment that users can use for the adjustment of sound.

Another remarkable LM product included recently by China-Hifi-Audio is the Line Magnetic 219ia, an advanced tube integrated amplifier. This Class A single-ended amplifier is available at a reduced price with free shipping. This is also a power amplifier, fitted with two high-power EI transformers. The product features a point-to-point hand welded construction, and consists of two wide frequency single-ended output transformers. The power amplifier part of the machine contains 845 vacuum tubes for a Class A power amplification. The device also comes with a remote control with a volume control and quiet function. The amplifier can show different tone quality on different working currents.

One can know more about the LM products now available in the stock of China-Hifi-Audio by visiting their website

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