Newly released Book highlights key points to a healthy lifestyle

September 10, 2018 – BEYOND SYMPTOMS is full of healthy and practical tips which have been used by the ultra healthy for many years. Some of the outline in the book touches on age-long traditions which have been known to help people maintain the ideal weight, boost their health, lift their mood and operate at very high energy levels. The Author of the book, Dr. Cotey Jordan is a professional wellness consultant that has served in the military, and he brings his vast experience to bear in the book.

BEYOND SYMPTOMS unwraps the secret mysteries of one of the oldest, most valued and most mystically powerfully techniques that guarantee mobile adults sound health. It shows a rich blend of aligning with the contemporary lifestyle of young adults who desire good health and a trendy lifestyle. Dr. Jordan has drawn on ancient and contemporary knowledge and traditions to help in bolstering people’s health and confidence levels through the materials shared in the book.

The health crisis in the US has been the subject of attention both for the government and individuals in recent years. The challenge of striking the right balance between ends and means – as well as personal aspirations and systemic constraints – in health and social care continue to be a major concern for policymakers and everyone who is interested in leading a healthy lifestyle.

This book addresses numerous topics including how to shift the balance from unhealthy to healthy nutrition. It also doubles as a good reference for those searching for the most up-to-date information about ways to experience a healthy lifestyle in view of the contemporary realities.

Dr. Cotey Jordan states that – “One of the important elements of this book is that eating in a healthy way is not a sacrifice in terms of pleasure and enjoyment. Also, different aspects of the book use empirical evidence to show how each individual can live healthy irrespective of their current or past situation.”

He further stated that – “The essence of this work is to highlight ways in which every individual can take responsibility of their health and serve as a well-informed advocate for their well-being.”

Among the activities lined up for this season, Dr. Cotey Jordan will be holding book signings for those who purchase BEYOND SYMPTOMS.



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