Doha Massage Specializes in Mobile Spa Parties for College and Corporate Events

Doha, Qatar – September 10, 2018 – Mobile spa parties are a unique opportunity for venues ranging from college campuses to the boardroom to enjoy the benefits of massage. Doha Massage is a leader in the mobile spa industry and provides training for massage therapists for events ranging from trade shows to health fairs.

Life is full of stress and the pampering parties are a favorite of celebrities and athletes. Doha Massage offers one of the most comprehensive arrays of massage options available. Individuals can schedule an in-house or out-call massage for a wide variety of needs, along with manicures and aromatherapy.

Doha Massage provides training in multiple types of massage therapy to prepare individuals to launch their own massage therapy business or showcase their skills at massage-related events. The company also teaches and provides aromatherapy, foot massage and chair massage, all of which are well-known for their relaxation benefits.

Stress and its effect on the body is one of the most pressing health-related problems individuals face today. It interferes with mental cognition, causes pain, and interrupts sleep. It affects individuals at all stages of life, from college students to seniors, and an increasing number of people are enjoying the physical and mental benefits associated with massage therapy.

Individuals that schedule with Doha Massage can choose a Swedish massage, one of the most popular and widely known techniques. It’s a general purpose, whole-body massage that’s designed to relax the entire body. It improves circulation, oxygen levels in the blood, flexibility, and relieves stress. It’s ideal for regaining focus and productivity.

Clients can also select Nuru massage, a sensual and erotic Japanese technique for the whole body. Also offered is erotic massage, a technique that’s been utilized for centuries. Body to body massage and prostate massage are available to accommodate a wide range of individual needs.

Doha Massage Online is a leading provider of training, massage therapy, and mobile spa events appropriate for a girl’s day, holidays, colleges and corporate venues. Mobile massage spa events are a way to enjoy time with friends, bond with significant others, and hold a truly unique and memorable event.

About Doha Massage Online

Doha Massage Online has a mission to help companies and universities make wellness a part of the fabric of their community. When companies and colleges show they care about their people and when we make living healthy a pillar in our lives we are happier, more productive and fulfilled. When that happens, industry grows, family life is stronger and there is an energy of vitality that permeates. All it takes is people caring about people and what better way to express that than through the gift of touch. Connect with Doha Massage on Twitter.

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