DH Leffridge – The Savvy Investor’s Choice for Real Estate Funding

Real Estate Investor and Coach DH Leffridge
In his 20-year real estate career, DH Leffridge amassed over a half-billion in career sales and investments. Today, he is putting that knowledge to work in his new lending programs and workshops.

By Zoey Thompson

Costa Mesa, CA – DH Leffridge is one of those rare Renaissance men, known for his mastery of multiple pursuits. Whether it is his faith-based projects, nonprofit outreach or his real estate investment works, Leffridge commits to being the best and setting the types of goals that will propel his projects to the top. His remarkable career path has led him to a half-billion in real estate sales and investments and ownership of his own real estate investment advisory firm. Today, he works as both investor and coach, helping both individuals and groups of people learn how to make money off of real estate. 

He believes that everyone is capable of learning the art of real estate investing and what is commonly known as property “flipping.” His new book Flips Happen walks the reader through the process of selecting properties, rehabbing them and preparing them for sale. Property flipping is something he believes is not only easy to do with proper training but also something he is willing to invest in. Leffridge has established a new “50/50” program in hopes of getting people to take that leap of faith and pursue a more financially sound future.

“There’s an old quote I read somewhere that someone attributed to Bobby Kennedy that goes, ‘Some men dream dreams and ask why, while other men dream dreams and ask why not,’” Leffridge begins. “My whole career has been focused on asking myself ‘why not?’ The only thing that separates me from the readers of my book is that I said it sooner. They have the same opportunity in front of them to say ‘yes’ to their own dreams.”

His investment advisory firm works in the US and around the world and has helped countless with questionable credit and lack of finances get started in the business.  Leffridge’s “You find it, I’ll flip, We’ll split it” programs have allowed many newcomers the opportunity to get into the business. By partnering with people who comb the streets for opportunities, he is able to expand his own reach while helping others by enabling them to earn up to 50% of the profit. “A good opportunity is a good opportunity no matter how it comes to me,” says Leffridge. “That’s why we don’t shun people with no investor experience and less than perfect credit. It’s also why we set up workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions so that people know what to look for. I want to help people make the most of their lives and to get that second chance to do something better.”

Leffridge’s own success in the real estate marketing has led him to work with celebrities like Jamie Foxx, TD Jakes and Cuba Gooding Jr. He believes that anyone who is motivated and willing to learn can have the same success and he wants to help them learn how.  For his next venture, Leffridge will be partnering with the real estate crowdfunding platform Azcend. He believes the partnership will better position him to help those novice investors get started on the right foot.

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