LoMed Pain Teams Up With Florida’s Center for Health and Wellness

Jacksonville, FL – Sep 10, 2018 – LoMed Pain (T A Baxter, LLC) forged a partnership with Florida’s Center for Health and Wellness, LLC, in an initiative to offer safe, low opioid pain relief for malignant and non-malignant for patients in Florida. The Center for Health and Wellness, with over 5 locations throughout Florida is headed by John L. Simons, D.O., Ph.D, board certified with the American Osteopathic Board of Family Medicine & the Hospital and Palliative Medicine Board. Dr. John Simon’s Center for Health and Wellness sees many patients looking for alternative pain relief during the crisis of the opioid epidemic, especially plaguing Florida.

LoMed is a pain relief program that combines customized formulas and ancillary tests to address the needs of patients seeking relief from chronic malignant and non-malignant pain. LoMed’s proprietary and patented formula addresses soft tissue as well as neuropathic pain. By integrating codeine, LoMed’s pain treatment highly reduces the risk of dependency while significantly enhancing pain relief. LoMed’s pain program is customized on a case-by-base basis to fit the patient’s needs. Personalized plans are developed to ensure the patient is fully treated.

Since LoMed pain uses a blend of already existing drugs, LoMed is FDA approved. The mission behind LoMed is the future of healthcare: personalized medication that fits the needs of patients. Being a third of the cost of Oxycontin, LoMed is an affordable and low-dependency alternative to big market pharmaceutical companies.

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