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Stay cool in summer with a range of ice making machines. Ice & Oven is one of the leading ice machine suppliers, offering commercial, industrial ice making machines for sale at affordable prices.

Mandurah, Western Australia – September 10, 2018 – As Australia’s specialist ice machine suppliers, Ice & Oven is successfully meeting the demand for ice makers in Australia’s industrial and commercial sectors. They have commercial ice machines , slurry ice machines (Flow-Ice), and more for sale.

When asked about their service, the spokesperson said, “Whether industrial, commercial or residential, we’re setting the standard for both the sourcing and installation of ice systems in Australia. Choose from our range of high-quality commercial ice makers, or industrial ice machines, designed for frequent use and tough conditions. Whatever your ice requirements, whether it’s for a restaurant, hotel, an industrial site or a retail store, we have a machine that can handle all your ice demands,” replied the spokesperson of Ice & Oven.

Ice & Oven’s Ice On Demand, Staff, ICESTA and Flow-Ice commercial ice makers and accessories are robust, reliable and easy-to-operate machines.

The spokesperson also continued, “We have machines that can produce ice cubes, flake ice, and slurry ice. With our ice machines, you will get the ice at the push of a button.  And with their simple design, these machines work hard and non-stop.”

Ice & Oven also offers slurry ice machines, otherwise known as Flow-Ice and more, which bear many benefits.

“If you’re looking for a group of different ice types with irregular sizes, our flake ice is your answer. We have flake ice machines that make this possible in massive quantities for the commercial fishing and concrete cooling industries in our country. Where low flow rates are required, it would be irresponsible not to regulate your business’ constant flow of ice. This is being done effectively across Australia with a flow ice machine. We also supply machines suitable for ice pigging and pipe pigging using pump-able Flow-Ice. In addition to our range of commercial and industrial products, we take to make a big effort to assist our customers in operating their facilities in an eco-friendly manner. We want to save the whole of Australia money and energy with high quality, energy-efficient products,” concluded the spokesperson of Ice & Oven.

Be kind to both your budget and the environment with an ice machine from Ice & Oven. They specialize in many types of ice machines, all with a built-in guarantee.

About Ice & Oven:

Ice & Oven is Australia’s specialist ice machine suppliers, now offering commercial ice makers for sale, such as flake ice, slurry Ice, flow Ice and more machines at affordable prices.

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