Ferreira Drops Dashing New Album, Mercury

Toronto – September 10, 2018 – “We’re here for today/But how about tomorrow?/We’ve been through so much/No more pain and sorrow” are the opening lines to Ferreira’s “City Lights”, out of his seminal new album, Mercury, which is out now – and has already captured the hearts of fans and music critics alike.

The young Portuguese artist who dabbles in pop, R&B, and urban with great ease and finesse, is unfolding his talents with each twist and turn of every song on Mercury, making listeners eagerly anticipate each subsequent track as soon as the final notes of the previous one starts to fade. A journey into the heart and mind of a hopeful, starry-eyed and up-and-coming musician finding his way through the business – and the world – Mercury is filled with lyricism, prose and upbeat melodies that make the record a strong contenders for one’s all-time-favorites list.

“My work on Mercury is the culmination of my experiences during the past few years working as a musician, singer and songwriter, and trying to make my break in the industry” said Ferreira. “I am inspired by love; friendship; art, and the beauty of life itself. My work is fueled by a passion for creating, and I want my tracks to be a testament to the unifying power of music. I’d say that Mercury is a “thank you” record to my fans, and I hope that many others come to appreciate my artistic vision through their listening of Mercury.”

Ferreira has teased the release of several music videos for Mercury tracks, which are likely to appear on YouTube. Additionally, the artist is expected to make choice appearances in support of his new record, in venues and dates which will be released in further communications with the press.

To learn more about Ferreira, follow him on Instagram @King.Ferreira

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