Blockchain Conference in Dubai this September EtherPay to build financial ecosystem using latest blockchain technology

At the upcoming Blockchain Conference to be held at InterContinental Dubai in September, FVI will present the latest technology and future development of EtherPay. The EtherPay exhibition at the conference will also showcase the four main innovative applications of the EtherPay ecosystem, as well as its use value for consumers.

EtherPay is the world’s first cross-border blockchain payment platform. Its cryptocurrency EPAY, mobile wallet and debit card are launched through the user terminal. At the same time, its e-mall (EPAY MALL) provides all kinds of lifestyle products and services and boasts a strong network of strategic partners. Currently, EtherPay has established business partnerships with Youka online teaching platform, Health Plus Biomedical Limited and OD Mall to offer a one-stop solution for consumer needs. In line with ODMall’s expansion into East Asia and the Middle East which EPAY Mall is heavily involved in, EtherPay begun making its mark on the Asian racing scene through the sponsorship of OD Racing, a home-grown team of drivers which aims to be the number one race team in GT Asia and Asian Le Mans.

The biggest highlight of the conference is the announcement of EtherPay’s adoption of HashGraph as the underlying technology of payment transactions. HashGraph is the latest generation of computing technology. Based on a brand new consensus mechanism of advanced distributed ledger technology, it eliminates the current blockchain technology’s need for a large amount of computing power, providing lower costs and better performance. It can also prevent the problem of artificial transaction order. As HashGraph can handle 250,000 transactions per second, in the future, EtherPay users would be able to enjoy the convenience of purchase and payment, which will no longer be limited by the processing speed of the existing blockchain technology. Most importantly, the expanded application of HashGraph technology will increase the commercial value of the EtherPay ecosystem.

Another major highlight of the conference will be the collaboration of FVI with Dubai Mall, also known as the home of the Dubai shopping festival, it is also one of the world’s largest shopping malls in UAE. This collaboration is a testament to the future application of EtherPay in the payments industry. Conference participants will be able to use a certain amount of EPAY in selected retail stores in Dubai to purchase a range of goods and services. This initiative suggests that EPAY are now more than just investment assets, it will become a powerful token for mainstream adoption, proving its strong and promising future in the crypto world.

In order for it to be a successful Blockchain Conference, FVI will show members and investors the innovative applications and business value of the EtherPay’s ecosystem. EtherPay is committed to creating a “Financial Ecosystem of Cryptocurrency” and bringing endless wealth to users in the ecosystem through the 4 financial cycles. EtherPay will also use blockchain technology to continuously integrate other payment and settlement mediums, as well as provide more diversified application scenarios to achieve a unilateral and continual rise in EtherPay’s value.

Stephen Jackson, Mastermind architect of EtherPay, an internationally renowned expert in blockchain technology said: “Not only do we want to provide unique experiences to thousands of attendees during the event, but also to act as a springboard for crypto enthusiast throughout this event. Attendees will be able to see and experience for themselves what it is like to live in the world of cryptocurrency”

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