Mass frenzy over “THE ALLEY”, tea from the east

Starbucks from the East

A rising brand called “The Alley” has gone viral globally and swept across the Chinese market. Other places in the world, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, France, Australia and Germany, have witnessed the brand’s presence and growth. Drinks by The Alley have been well received by people around the globe. Having been posted on the big screen at Times Square in New York in May and July, The Alley has earned the reputation as “Starbucks from the East.”

Who’s Leading The Alley to Go Global?

Chiu Mao-Ting, a designer, is also the founder and CEO of The Alley. He’s convinced that each and every person has their own definition of nice drinks, which they enjoy on a comfy afternoon with pleasurable breezes, bringing them lovely smiles and sweet memories. The Alley strives to touch you and give you ineffable joy by presenting you with nicely made tea. Bearing this mission in mind, The Alley produced its first cup of tea in May, 2013.

Inspiration from Magic World

When he first founded The Alley, Chiu orignally named the business “Diagon Alley”, the one connecting the human world and the magic world in the novel Harry Porter, as he hopes his business to bring consumers of The Alley to a great world. To “jump out of the novel”, he then changed the business’s name as “The Alley” and selected red deer as its logo, which displays grace, wisdom and nobility.

Presenting Chinese Collective Momory to the World

Fresh milk with brown sugar and boba, The Alley’s signature drink, is served with yummy boba and brown sugar in tailormade “Q cups”. As early as 700BC, the Chinese people had started consuming brown sugar, a collective memory of the nation. The Alley upholds a high standard for the selection of ingredients of its drinks. As of August 1st, 100,000,000 cups of fresh milk with brown sugar and boba have been sold globally.

Instilling Vitality into The Alley with Aesthetics

Every time The Alley launches new products, it does not only focus on good ingredients and taste, it also applies aesthetics to them. The Alley’s new products delights its consumers with great creativity and aesthetics. The brand is globally renowned and acknowledged, thanks to the aesthetics and feelings instilled in it.

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