“HUA CHANG JIU ZHOU” Went Abroad at Times Square and Appeared with Other Well-Known Brands

On September 7, the propaganda film “HUACHANG JIUZHOU”, a large-scale Chinese clothing event from China was displayed on the screen of Times Square in New York with a 10-minute rolling display. Showing Chinese traditional clothes from multiple directions and different angles. Many passersby were attracted by the film and stopped to watch.

The exhibition was jointly initiated by “HUA CHANG JIU ZHOU” and six other Chinese traditional cloth brands including “Chu Li”, “Han Shang Hua Lian”, “Jiu Jin Si”, “Lu Yun ji”, “Shi San Yu”, “Xian Ni Xiao Zhu” and “Tencent Moonlight Blade OL”. For promoting the traditional Chinese costume culture and express the beauty of Chinese clothing.

The Chinese traditional costumes demonstrated on the screen make many people curious because of their appearance are so different from Cheongsam. It is understood that the costumes displayed this time are all based on the clothes elements of clothing worn by Han nationality. The “Cheongsam” that we have known for a long time is the improved one based on the characteristics of the costumes of the “Manchu” nationality. The exhibition also reflects the cultural diversity of China as a multi-ethnic country. Chinese named many kinds of national clothing collectively as “Huafu”. This concept was first mentioned in the first “Huafu Day”, which was held on the March 3 in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Meanwhile we are also glad to see such promotion for more people to get to know about “Chinese traditional costume” and the clothing cultures of “Han” nationality.

At the kick-off party on September 5 in New York, “Yaki”, the promoter of “HUA CHANG JIU ZHOU” and the well-known cross-dimensional artist attended the New York Fashion Week, dressed in costumes with “Su embroidery belt” that was shown as the epilogue at “2017 Hua Shang Show” as characteristics, and made an advance momentum for this promotional film.

In addition to the exhibition and dissemination in New York, more “HUA CHANG JIU ZHOU” activities will be carried out. Let’s wait and see!

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