Damp Survey and Proofing Specialists in Kent Helping Keep Local Buildings Dry and Safe for Residents

Kent – For over a century, the family-run company J H Garlick Ltd at http://www.jhgarlickltd.com/ has provided their professional services within the building industry, and in the latter half as established damp specialists, Kent. Staffed with specialised experts who are experienced in both examining and treating dry and wet rot within buildings, the company has become the go-to resource in Welling and surrounding areas for proofing solutions to treat damp areas or rot spotted within a home or commercial building.

Both rising and penetrative dampness can create conditions within buildings that can lead to structural damage, impacting brickwood, wood, and concrete surfaces alike. While rising dampness is more commonly seen in older buildings – as it is a gradual process that occurs over time – penetrative dampness can occur through relatively common circumstances wherein water in some fashion manages to penetrate a building through windows, roofing, or by the way of defective rainwater systems.

In addition to posing the possible consequence of large-scale structural damage to properties, damp conditions can also lead to mould, rot, and generally unsightly damp spots. Basements in particular are areas that are particularly vulnerable to both mild and the more insidious damp conditions. Thereby, having them waterproofed by specialised technicians can ensure that they do not suffer these consequences and affect the quality or safety of your living quarters.

Based in Welling, J H Garlick has been working in basement waterproofing Kent, as well as other building services, for decades. Find more information here: http://www.jhgarlickltd.com/Basement-Waterproofing.htm. The company’s technicians are most often contacted by residents as their customers are undergoing basement conversions or refurbishments, as they may have either discovered existing dampness damage or are otherwise set upon taking preventative measures to ensure it does not become an issue.

Offering competitive pricing and trustworthy solutions, local residents have praised the company with reviews naming them “the most knowledgeable technicians around” for their work in waterproofing, as well as other general services such as plumbing, electrical, and wood treatments.

Although it is not a pretty business, the company’s trained and certified contractors have proven that they are up for the job in surveying damage caused by water or other moisture and treating that damage quickly and efficiently to restore buildings to conditions deemed safe and healthy for habitation. The family-run company has consistently demonstrated superior workmanship according to testimonials and has thereby become a helpful number to call for those in the community in need of surveying and proofing solutions.

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