Amazon surpasses the Trillion Dollar Mark, It’s Renewable Parallel increases attention

This week Amazon broke one trillion dollars in valuation and industry experts say it has a clear path to 2 billion within the next decade. In 1997 an Amazon share was $18 versus today of $2008 which would of yielded over 1.3 million dollars on a 1,000 investment at the time of this article being written. Now being of the most valued stocks on the market, It has surpassed over 100% of it’s calculated growth in roughly 20 years. Amazon has proven itself as the top ecommerce site across the globe.

SOLAREUM, “The Amazon of Renewables” is closely following the business model that Amazon has built by attracting a variety of consumers through it’s sustainable marketplace, as well as providing incentives for individuals to partake in the clean energy movement. Through the launch of it’s revamped marketplace and the “SOLAREUM September Sweepstakes”, SOLAREUM has greatly picked up traction within the renewable industry. Last week the first ever “SOLAREUM September Sweepstakes”, was launched granting an oppourtunity for an individual to win $500,000. To partake in this contest all that is required is for an individual to trade 50,000 SLRM throughout the month of September to be automatically entered.

With less than a year old SOLAREUM has put itself on the track to not only becoming the largest renewable cryptocurrency but also one of the largest cryptos in the market. It’s #DoingWellByDoingGood and #SeptemberSweepstakes motto is trending across all social media platforms encouraging individuals and businesses to participate in the Green and Sustainable Economy. You can find green e-commerce site’s GoodWill Ambassadors on social media platforms.

SLRM token can be found trading:

  • Karsha.Biz
  • ForkDelta

SOLAREUM was founded with a key, essential, but-simple proposition: to connect the world with renewable resources at the touch of a button via e-commerce marketplace.

SOLAREUM’S core mission is to ensure that it is today’s “Amazon of Renewables” for individual and corporate consumers alike–and with a guest presentation at the United Nations Youth Assembly this past February from our CEO, Kenneth Reece, SOLAREUM has also proven its commitment to tomorrow.

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