Author’s new book “Molding My Destiny” receives a warm literary welcome.

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Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

Molding My Destiny by Patrice M Foster is an inspirational story that is as relevant to this time and age as it is encouraging, and there is no doubt that many readers will resonate with the message of the book. This memoir tells the story of an immigrant, a Jamaican girl who leaves her native home, reminiscent of the sounds of reggae, to travel to the land “of milk and honey,” where dreams are fulfilled. But would the America of her dreams be the solution to all her problems? With beauty and subtlety of language, Patrice M Foster takes readers through her heartaches, deceptions, abuses, and rejection to ultimately underscore a powerful message of hope, a message that she translated into her own life and one that helped her transform her depression into a beautiful experience — we are the architects of our own destiny. Readers get a feel of life in Jamaica. Writing about her childhood and her irresponsible father who drove his Volkswagen around, “the love buggy,” picking up women or getting into debt, allows her a beautiful social commentary of her milieu and she does so with detachment and humor.

Patrice M Foster’s memoir, Molding My Destiny, is a book that every immigrant should read, a book that can stop millions from surrendering to the river of depression. It will help many people to stand up for themselves. The prose is simple and eloquent, and as one reads, one can feel the current of energy impregnating every word. This book, slim as it may be, was able to help me identify some of the illusions I have carried with me for many years. Life doesn’t just happen. We create it. We can use every negative experience to steer us towards the place we want to be. This is an incredible memoir written to give hope and strength to the despairing. A highly recommended read for the start of a new year.”

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