Helen Rich giving stray animals life with the On the wings of Angels Rescue

Philanthropist and pet lover, Helen Rich, founds animal rescue and adoption home, On the Wings of Angels Rescue to rescue animals and place them in loving homes

On the Wings of Angels Rescue is a non-profit organization founded and funded by philanthropist and animal lover, Helen Rich to rescue, rehabilitate and offer stray animals a new lease of life in loving homes. On the Wings of Angels Rescue is not only giving hope to stray animals, but is also saving the community as a whole from the harms that could have been caused due to the dogs not getting the care they deserve.

The incidence of stray dogs is not new to Florida or any other part of the world and this could be as a result of different factors. However, it has become imperative to arrest the situation and save the dogs and the community in general from the harmful effects of stray animals. Over the years, some of the negative effects of stray dogs have been identified and not only do they affect the community or the animals, but could also have a negative toll on the economy. While there are several solutions proffered to significantly reduce the number of stray dogs, there is still a lot more to do and this is where On the Wings of Angels Rescue and Helen Rich are looking to make a difference.

Over the years, the rescue has helped in saving the lives of hundreds of dogs, cats, and other stray animals, doing more than just rescue them but also providing them with training, and sometimes giving them the medical attention needed to fully rehabilitate them to ensure they are ready and safe for adoption.

On the wings of Angels Rescue offers a wide range of training to the dogs to ensure they are good pets and companions of their eventual owners, crate training and potty training them, while also teaching the dogs basic obedience before being placed up for adoption.

As part of the rescue’s goal of placing even more animals in loving homes and creating a safer and happier community for all, On the Wings of Angels Rescue also organizes events to bring together people of like minds as well as educate the society on the need to rescue stray animals and give them a safe abode.

On the Wings of Angels Rescue was inspired by Helen’s desire to live her dream, rescuing animals from a very young age. “All my life, as far back as I can remember, I’ve been rescuing animals. I was the kid bringing home the bird with the broken wing. “Hey, Mom! Do we have any popsicle sticks? I need a splint!” Or the baby squirrels that fell out of the tree. “Mom! I need  a box!” Today, I am living my own dream. Rescuing EVERYTHING I can!” says Helen Rich, founder of On the Wings of Angels Rescue.

More information about On the Wings of Angels Rescue and to be a part of creating a safer and saner environment can be found on the website. On the Wings of Angels Rescue is also available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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