Busy New Yorker chronicles her weight loss journey in her new book

Author and World-Class Habit-Based Nutrition Coach, Daniela Gattel-Levia, makes a remarkable transition from being obese to leading a healthy life

Daniela Gattel-Levia is an Author, Mentor, and World-Class Nutrition Coach who has been able to work her way from being obese to achieving a healthy and happy body with healthy eating habits. As part of goals of helping others transition easily to becoming healthy without necessarily giving up on their favorite meals or starving themselves, Daniela has chronicled her journey to wellness in her new book titled “Live a Whole Life.”

Obesity is one of the leading causes of diseases across the globe. Consequently, it has become imperative for individuals to pay attention to their weight and health in general, which starts with watching what they consume. Over the years, weight loss and dieting have become synonymous with avoiding foods that would have ordinarily been favorites. This usually leads to such individuals failing to meet their weight loss target due to their inability to avoid their cravings. This is the story of Daniela Gattel-Levia, a former athlete that somehow ate herself into obesity.

Growing up as an athlete, Daniela paid little or no attention to what she ate, which eventually boomeranged immediately she stopped doing sports. She became obsessive about food, unhappy, unbalanced, and no longer and eventually became 100 pounds overweight.

Daniela Gattel-Levia was, however, lucky to take several courses in nutrition science, which changed her life forever. Her discovery of digestion and how foods affect the body encouraged me to begin working out at a local gym while also “dieting.” However, it was surprising that while Daniela felt leaner, stronger, and fitter; she was also eating more than she ever had. This led her to study nutrition and exercise science, and the rest they say is history.

Daniela Gattel-Levia has chronicled her experiences trying to lose weight in a book she authored titled “Live a Whole Life,” where she offers practical advice and information about food and strategies to think clearer, reduce disease risk, tips for natural weight loss, and how to reverse the signs of aging.

Unlike other guides on weight loss, the book provides tips to people that have been struggling to lose weight and do not want to give up on their favorite foods. This book is part of Daniela’s contribution to helping others that are struggling to get rid of unwanted fat deposits in the body as well as making the world a better place for all.

Daniela is also the creator of Daniela Gattel-Levia IS NUTRITION (www.danielagattel-levia.com), an online habit-based nutrition program which provides habits improvement to match with your vision of life, motivation, and practical advice to finally stop dieting and start living. Daniela Gattel-Levia was born in Italy but currently calls Brooklyn, NY home. She is a certified nutrition coach, business mentor to 6-Figure Coaches, mother, and wife. Through all her endeavors—both professional and personal—Daniela’s passion for positively affecting others shines brightly.

More information about Daniela Gattel-Levia and her works can be found on her website.

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