Click Fame LTD launches online sales software – My Drop Shop

Technology-driven solutions provider, Click Fame LTD, announces the launch of My Drop Shop, online software with integrated dropshipping function that fosters online retail

Click Fame LTD is a leading technology-driven solutions provider that has made a name for itself thanks to its wide range of innovative solutions. As part of the company’s goals of helping entrepreneurs and other such individuals take advantage of the internet to grow their business, Click Fame LTD recently launched a unique project, My Drop Shop, an online platform that is designed to make drop shipping easier and more profitable.

The global retail market has grown over the years, with the advent of online sales helping to enhance the growth of the market. One of the major offshoots of online retailing is drop shipping that allows online retailers to ship wares directly from wholesalers to their buyers without necessary coming in contact with the goods. However, the time-consuming process and capital involved in drop shipping have made it difficult for most online retailers to take advantage of the concept. This is where Click Fame LTD and the recently launched My Drop Shop are looking to make a huge difference on the internet and make it easy for shop owner to enter the dropshipping space.

My Drop Shop (, an online platform allows entrepreneurs to build an online shop in less than 5 minutes without the need for technical skills. The primary aim of the platform is to provide users with an import function where retailers can import their products from and other such online stores into their shop on My Drop Shop, subsequently selling it to their buyers on the platform. Consequently, online retailers can start selling products from their wholesalers to their customers.

My Drop Shop is available in different packages, each having its unique features with the free package allowing retailers to sell as many as 10 different products and up to 5 orders every month. The platform is also available to sellers anywhere across the globe regardless of their location.

Click Fame LTD is on a mission to help entrepreneurs to kickstart their dropshipping e-commerce business with the launch of the innovative My Drop Shop and is already receiving accolades from different users. “Great concept that pays out. I love the simplicity and options that come along with great support by the MyDrop.Shop team,” says Luke W.

More information about My Drop Shop can be found on the website. My Drop Shop is also available on several social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

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