Computing Power – The “Game of Thrones” Played by CPR

In modern society, nothing, whether related to the people’s livelihood, such as weather forecast, earthquake and tsunami forecast, and bridge structure analysis, or related to a nation, such as missile simulation, nuclear fusion model detection, and macroeconomic forecast, can go without super computating power. It can be said that one of the greatest contradictions in contemporary society is one between the increasing data processing volume and the limited computing power.

The greatest power belongs to whoever has the greatest computing power first.

It takes 7 days for Google’s 16,000 CPUs to complete the recognition of a cat’s face. Google brain can only simulate 10 billion synapses of the human brain which actually carries over 100 trillion synapses, which is beyond the reach of traditional computing power, but nothing difficulty for block computing power. The emergence of block chain technology has once again revolutionized the computing power. Block chain technology overwhelmingly outstrips sampling statistics, probability analysis, in-depth learning and whatever else you can name. Just like in the competition of Huashan Moutain, you rush in with a 47 and strafe everyone, whether from the south, north, east or west. – Super computing power overshadows everything that comes in its way.

This is why the block chain is extremely popular in recent years. All block computing powers are hidden in the network terminals around the world, so a variety of computing power mining mechanisms have sprung up like mushrooms, such as CPU mining, GPU mining, FPGA mining, ASIC mining, and large-scale cluster mining. With the continuous expansion of the market size of Bitcoin and ETH, mining is becoming a hot word of this new era. However, high technical, energy supply and hardware device requirements have closed the door on ordinary people.

In this context, Computing Power Room (CPR) emerged just in time.

CPR is an enhanced decentralized global computing power resource sharing platform, also known as an encrypted digital asset ecosystem composed of mines, exchanges and communities, which makes use of its own mining infrastructure to provide global users with such services as mine construction, computating power leasing, mine operation, equipment mining and selling, computating power investment, and digital asset trading, circulation and exchange. Besides, CPR is committed to reducing mining costs via the use of big data, cloud mining, and CDN network, making mining services more convenient, efficient and fair.

CPR aims to reduce the threshold for investors to enter the mining industry. Investors can buy and sell calculating power through CPR pass, obtain the benefits from mining, and redefine the new era of value Internet. CPR integrates the computing power resources of global mining machines, continuously develops new mining computing power across the world on the basis of the existing mining computing power, and thus enhance users’ mining experience and use less resources to create greater value. In order to make users’ mining more valuable, CPR pass will carefully select high-quality projects for computing power support and node distribution, make use of professional technical analysis to switch computing power into high-yield projects, and release the computating power to benefit others while bringing safe, reliable, high-level returns to investors!

Core business logic of CPR:

1. Multipoint regional distribution: global resource allocation and low power cost resource channel control to guarantee steady returns on project input
2. Risk prevention measures: multi-country distribution to avoid policy risks in a single country
3. Multi-mode input: multi-mode mining investment with POW computing power distribution and POS node distribution running concurrently.
4. Core computer rooms: CDN network to greatly improve the stability of the above mining processes
5. Collection platform: collection to trading platform and prime pools and mines
6. Computing power contract: provide cloud computing contract for miners to obtain the corresponding computating power pass for transfer and exchange purpose

In the future, the whole world will undergo many changes. For example, IT technology and industrial technology will see constant fusion, industry convergence accelerated, and the driving force changing from “Internet +” to “AI ×”. Such changes require strong computing power in the first place. Therefore, the future industry form will be driven by three-dimensional computing power instead of two-dimensional technology.

The era of interconnection requires support from huge computing power. Super computing power will form a black hole in resources, constantly sucking up the supply of various products and services in the upstream and downstream of various industrial chains, and thus providing a huge market demand.

Computing power is a symbol of authority. Enterprises and individuals with super computing power will have the opportunity to integrate industrial resources, construct industry ecology, cultivate competitive advantages, and have the supreme power to control the distribution of industry value.

An era of computing power is coming. Are you ready?

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