The T-Shirt for Modern Minimalists – Freedom Closet Introduces ‘Freedom Tee’ on Kickstarter

Copper-Infused Textile Technology to Keep Clothes Fresh and Odor-Free for Weeks without Washing Them.

Freedom Closet announces the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for its new copper-infused antibacterial t-shirt, Freedom Tee. Created to support the company’s mission to encourage a free and focused life, the t-shirt stays clean by fighting odor-causing bacteria, allowing the wearer to feel relaxed and focus on their passions.

Freedom Tee, made for modern mindful minimalists, helps individuals stay focused on important things, decreasing distractions and decision fatigue. It also helps reduce environmental impact by reducing wash cycles and making it possible to buy less and wear clothes longer.

“We did extensive research regarding new textiles and materials that fight against bacteria growth,” said founder Hannah Park. “We discovered the scientific data kept confirming that the most natural and effective method to combat bacteria has actually been used for centuries around the world — copper. With today’s advanced technology, we can infuse copper into cotton without sacrificing the soft texture at all.”

Copper embedded in Freedom Tee has antibacterial properties providing a natural and effective way of killing bacteria. Laboratory testing concluded Freedom Tee’s material killed 99.9 percent of bacteria that grows on clothes. Another testing also showed deodorization at 76 percent after only 120 minutes.

Ancient cultures of Egypt, India and Korea used copper in medical applications as well as food and water storage. They knew about the antibacterial properties of copper even before it was confirmed by scientific research. The ancient wisdom of copper’s amazing properties continue to be incorporated into various health-related applications around the world.

Freedom Tee’s copper-infused fabric fights odor-causing bacteria that leads to body odor. The lack of germs and odor allows one to wear the shirt multiple times without washing, which saves time and reduces environmental impact. These simple and functional t-shirts reduce the time spent on decision making such as what to wear. Integrating this into everyday life reduces clutter — both physically and mentally — and helps users live a minimal and more focused life.

Freedom Tee reflects Freedom Closet’s endeavor to promote mindfulness, sustainability and minimalism in the modern world. Freedom Tees are now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. To learn more about the product and the campaign, visit

About Freedom Closet

Freedom Closet consists of team members based in New York and Seoul. Living in the world’s busiest, bustling cities, the team knows about trying to find peace and stay focused amid a myriad of distractions in modern society.

The team is dedicated to promoting minimal, creative and productive lifestyles — maximizing free time and mental space. They aim to achieve this by creating wardrobe basics that conserve time, money and resources and foster environmental sustainability.

Freedom Closet’s products are made in the technological hub, South Korea, by textile masters with decades of experience and a passion for perfection. The team continues to maintain a close relationship with manufacturers to ensure their visions align and the product fulfills their mission. Visit to learn more.

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