FlixDetective.com Announces Website Launch Which Helps Users Browse Netflix Content by Language & IMDb Ratings

FlixDetective.com is a new website recently launched to help viewers deal with the massive content that Netflix has to offer. This new website strives to make it easier for viewers to find stuff to watch quickly within the leading streaming platform in the world.

It’s always a little tricky to find movies or TV shows to watch on Netflix unless people knew what they are looking for or take the time to browse through so many titles.  FlixDetective.com makes it easier by providing lists of top shows on different categories.

Netflix has reportedly invested around $8 billion into content this 2018 alone. On top of this, the platform implemented some changes. One of the changes includes removing all the user submitted rankings from their internal ranking system.

All Netflix users will still be able to get a “recommended” list of shows based on what they have watched before. However, those recommendations will not be based on user review. Due to this, many viewers may end up watching an awful TV show or movie out of their recommended lists.

FlixDetective hopes to resolve this issue by utilizing the ratings provided by IMDb along with region, language, and many other methods unavailable on Netflix itself. The service provided by FlixDetective is excellent, especially since the contents in Netflix are region locked.

Netflix is region locked, so if the user is in Hong Kong, they will only see a lot of news articles about shows in America but those shows are not available for viewing. Similarly, if the user is in the UK, they wouldn’t be able to see all the US content and vice versa.

The content that users can view is limited due to the platform’s region lock feature. FlixDetective resolves this issue by allowing its users to choose the region when they search for content using the site. Using the region box located near the search bar, they can decide from which country or region they want to see a show or movie. 

This way, users are assured that they can see all the content that is actually available in their selected region. With FlixDetective’s Netflix by IMDb rankings, viewers can find top quality content faster and easier.

They will no longer have to waste time watching poor content or going through a lot of titles that Netflix offers. At FlixDetective, many lists and rankings are available for varying categories including Top Series, Critically Acclaimed Movies, Top Action Movies, Top Horror, Top Reality TV shows, and more.

FlixDetective takes many different rankings and lists from across the Internet to create their list. Those lists are available at FlixDetective.com for the Netflix viewers to view. From there, they can choose which content is worth watching based on the reviews by viewers and critics.

Users can trust that the rankings available at FlixDetective are genuine. Those rankings were created based on IMDb rankings, which are the most reliable review and ranking lists online. With FlixDetective.com’s launch, Netflix users will have more time to enjoy their shows and movies.

For more information, please visit www.FlixDetective.com. For inquiries, send an email to karen@flixdetective.com.

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