Golden Retrofit & Foundation Repair Is The Best Retrofit Company In Woodland Hills

Woodland Hills, CA Over the years and due to a number of factors, a building may begin to experience some damages which require repair. However, one of the most important damages to look for is foundation damage as this has a significant effect on the integrity and structure of a building. Taking into consideration the emotional response to issues such as foundational problems to homes and commercial facilities, the team of foundation repair professionals at Golden Retrofit & Foundation Repair is offering its services to all property owners seeking to maintain their property for the longest possible time.

At Golden Retrofit & Foundation Repair, the team of professional foundation repair experts understands that several issues including natural disasters like earthquakes and tremors can affect the integrity of a building’s foundation, a development which when left unchecked can cause serious danger to the property and its inhabitants, and therefore offer fast service aimed at helping property owners restore their buildings to a stronger and more stable state.

The spokesperson for the foundation repair experts, Golden Retrofit & Foundation Repair, while describing the company and its services said: “Golden Retrofit & Foundation Repair is the most innovative and forward thinking company in the business. We specialize in both foundation repair and replacement. From complex situations to simple repairs our experienced team always has a solution. We also have expertise in earthquake / seismic retrofitting and annually work closely with the EBB.”

To ensure that all properties remain safe and strong, Golden Retrofit & Foundation Repair uses the seismic retrofitting process which involves installation of engineered metal connectors and other reinforcement materials at key stress points throughout the home’s structure. Having been in the business for years, Golden Retrofit & Foundation Repair has developed a procedure which involves the use of specially designed hardware including hold downs, anchors and anchor bolts, strap ties, and framing angles to ensure the property’s integrity. In addition to this, Golden Retrofit & Foundation Repair may also incorporate wood blocking and structural sheathing for added support.

Golden Retrofit & Foundation Repair offers a number of services to residential and commercial property owners to include pier and post support system services, foundation leveling, slab replacements, earthquake retrofit, foundation replacement, Helical piers and more.

Golden Retrofit & Foundation Repair is providing services for foundation repair Woodland Hills. The company is also specialized in remedial repairs of cracked, settled, shifted, rotated and/or deteriorated sections of concrete perimeter foundation walls, repair of wood damaged framing or structural components in the foundation system area, floor leveling and more.

For all foundation repair and reinforcement needs, Golden Retrofit & Foundation Repair can be reached via its office located at 22349 Kittridge St Woodland Hills, CA 91303 or via its phone line on (800) 217-2458.

Online inquiries can be directed at Joey via email at or visit the company’s website at

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