NYC Hot Business Design Trends: Vinyl Signs & Graphics

New York City – Sep 12, 2018 – Every year the competition in the business design industry just keeps getting tougher and tougher. With new technology, software updates, and artistic innovations coming out constantly, businesses find themselves keeping a creative eye out for the next big trend. They are always on the look-out for design trends that catch the attention of their target market and accurately represent their brands.

We spoke to Gayle Vendola of Street Style Signs, a New York City sign company, and she shared some of the hot trends 2018 has to offer for both digital and print media. Here are three of them that would look great especially on vinyl signs:

1. Gradients

Quite popular in the 90s, gradients are making a comeback and have started to appear in designs everywhere…and for good reason, too! Gradients give graphic designs some boldness and life; and with trends set by popular brands such as Spotify and Instagram, gradients have become more versatile than ever.

Artists are free to come up the a vast selection of color combinations, allowing them to find the perfect gradient to add mood and depth to their designs. Gradients can be used as background designs, overlays, and even with flat colors. When printed on vinyl banners, they would make the perfect promotional materials for events and tradeshows.

If you’re looking to give your brand a nice pop of color using gradients, make sure you get your vinyl signs and graphics done by a company that provides accurate, stunning, and full-color signs printing.

2. Typography

Handwriting, geometric, serif, sans serif, big and bold, and so many more…typography reminds us that text alone has the power to captivate the market. But choosing the right type font is crucial and can make a difference.

2018 design trends are leaning toward big and bold typography. Ones that immediately catch your attention. Ones that deliver the message loud and clear before you get distracted by something else. Ones that are perfect for an audience with an ever-decreasing attention span.

A strategically selected type font would go great on a durable vinyl sign, but if you’re looking for a clean and professional look on your business signs, your carefully selected typography can be die-cut and applied on glass or acrylic. If you want a bolder, more modern look, you can have them die-cut on metal sheets or even wood.

In order to get them done exactly how you envision them, it’s important to make sure that your business signs provider has the necessary equipment and expertise. A full-service NYC sign company would be the most reliable partner for typography prints.

3. Original Artwork

Stock images and template designs are so yesterday. Given today’s competition among brands, you’ll need a much more effective way of showing your market that you are the best choice. Nowadays, businesses are investing in original graphics and illustrations for a more personal, more cohesive branding.

Bigger brands hire graphic artists specifically to create sign designs…this includes producing icons and illustrations customized to their brand identity.

But if you’re not sure about hiring a graphic designer just yet, some established sign companies already have a team of graphic designers ready to help clients out. By partnering with these providers, you get to have your designs made and signs printed in one place.

Local New York City Vinyl Signs and Graphics Company

Your brand’s message is important and is something that your audience needs to hear. Make yourself heard and get ahead of your competition by making the most of today’s hottest business design trends such as color gradients, bold typography, custom-made artwork, and many other innovative ideas.

If you find yourself thinking, “Where can I find a dependable sign company near me?” drop by Street Style Signs to take a look at what they can offer and get a signage consultation for free.

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