Look Great, Sell More: St. Petersburg Real Estate Photographer’s 3 Hot Tips

St. Petersburg, FL – Sep 12, 2018 – Real estate photography isn’t quite as popular as other types of photography, but it’s actually very helpful and can make a significant impact in real estate sales. With stunning images, clients and potential clients will skip your listings less and actually pay attention to what you’re selling.

Jonathan Fanning of Jonathan Fanning, Photographic Artist, a St. Petersburg real estate photography studio, gives us a few personal tips on effective real estate photography.

1. Know the perfect time to take photos.

While most photographers know the generic rules-of-thumb when it comes to what time of day is best for photography, there are so many factors that need to be considered.

Are you taking photos of the house’s exterior, interior, or both? What’s the weather like recently? How many windows does the house have? What are the architectural and interior design styles that you have to work with?

According to Jonathan, “I pride myself on being a master of lighting. To me, lighting is everything and if a photograph does not have good lighting, then it’s not a good photograph.”

He personally finds the perfect time to be early morning or late afternoon when the light is bright and warm. It gives a more inviting feel to the photos, particularly the exterior ones.

2. Don’t shun editing.

The topic of editing one’s photos are highly subjective because photographers have varying preferences and opinions about it. Jonathan thinks it’s great that you can retouch and enhance real estate photos because the lighting conditions, weather, and location won’t always be perfect.

Jonathan says, “The color and exposure will be exactly how I intended them to be.” And this helps him deliver the quality of photos that his clients are expecting from him.

And while over editing your photos is a huge no-no, photo restoration, retouch, and post-processing is a gift from this beautiful age of technology, so why shouldn’t you accept it?

3. Hire a professional.

While there are plenty of tips and even photography classes to help you take beautiful real estate and architectural photos, nothing beats the quality and convenience of having a professional photographer take exceptional photos for you while you focus on building relationships with clients and potential clients.

In a world full of smartphones and digital cameras, your professional quality photos will help clients see that you are a cut above the rest and will help you sell more homes.

And even better, with established photographers, you can be sure to get what you invest in. Jonathan Fanning, Photographic Artist, for example, has been doing real estate photography since 2007 and they have a photo quality guarantee as well as a return policy in place for their clients.

Local St. Petersburg Real Estate Photographer

Give your sales a big boost by presenting the real estate in the most attractive way possible. To achieve stunning real estate images, don’t forget to know the best time for the photo shoot, enhance your photos using the most reliable editing tools, and hire a professional photographer.

If you’re in the St. Petersburg area thinking “I wish I could find a reliable corporate photographer near me,” drop by Jonathan Fanning, Photographic Artist and take a tour around their studio.

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