Creating a Professional Richmond Workspace with Commercial Signage

Richmond, VA – Sep 12, 2018 – Many business owners agree that commercial signage is the least expensive and most effective form of advertising. But it’s also worth noting that commercial signage is an affordable and highly effective tool in influencing customers’ and potential customers’ opinion about your business.

A FedEx Office-commissioned survey by Ketchum Global Research and Analytics reveals that almost 70% of American consumers indicated that the quality of a business’s sign reflects the quality of the business. This data alone shows us the importance of commercial signs especially for growing cities like Richmond, Virginia.

Andre Coetzee of Brilliant Signs & Graphics, a Richmond sign company, shares three things you need to consider as you employ commercial signage in creating the perfect professional workspace.

1. Your sign type.

Giving your workspace that clean, professional appeal means you need to get yourself a sign that communicates exactly that. A good place to start is the sign type. Each sign type has a unique appeal, serves a unique purpose, and caters to a unique audience.

Pylon and pole signs, for example, are those meant to be seen and noticed from a distance. Monument signs exude a classic and timeless appeal. Dimensional letters give a clean, modern impression. You have so many options to choose from so it’s important that you know what appeal you want, what message you want to communicate, which audience you want to communicate to, and, of course, how much you want to spend.

By working with a full-service sign company that offers a vast selection of business sign options, you have the freedom to choose the perfect commercial sign that clearly conveys your business message to your target market.

2. Your sign design.

A sign’s design is composed of so many elements that we often overlook. Encompassing factors such as size, colors, fonts, contrast, images, spacing, and even materials, sign design is a lot more complicated than many of us realize.

And the thing is, a commercial sign can look good and be perfectly installed, but still be unsuccessful in giving your business a boost. The key here is to work with experienced designers who specialize in the art and science behind effective commercial signs.

Established sign companies usually have a team of graphic artists who can deliver the exact signage that you need by working closely with you and carefully studying your brand.

Give your business an edge over your competition by investing in a custom commercial sign crafted to fit your brand’s needs.

3. Your sign location.

Having the perfect sign type and the perfect sign design isn’t quite enough. Another crucial element is your commercial sign’s location. Many business owners understand the importance of location, location, location. And it goes the same way for commercial signage. Not only does your sign need to be visual, it needs to be visible too in order to reach your target market.

Commercial signs placed outdoors are your 24/7 advertising tools, but they can’t be seen then potential customers will have no idea your business exists. So it’s very important to be judicious and strategic about your sign location.

The wise thing to do would be to partner with a proven local sign company that has a strong team of commercial sign specialists who not only help you with design and production, but also guide you through the installation process.

Local Commercial Signs Company in Richmond

By carefully and prudently selecting your commercial signs’ type, design, and location, you can easily give your business the image and appeal that it needs to draw in your target market.

If you find yourself thinking, “I wish I could find a dependable sign company near me,” and are in the Richmond area, go ahead and drop by Brilliant Signs & Graphics for a free consultation.

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