The AirP2P Team Works on A New Project – “Blocksender” – An Encrypted Chatting Application on the Blockchain

From the moment of their creation, AirP2P has been a constantly expanding and evolving force, and their latest new tech has some people ecstatic with excitement. Recently they will be undergoing a plan to create Blocksender. Blocksender is the first ever fully end to end encrypted instant messaging software that is based on the Blockchain. The software will be using the Blockchain itself to mediate messages. This means that one remains free from things like servers and IPs. It is only possible to decrypt messages through one’s private key, meaning only the holders of the key will have access to the messages.

This allows the messages to be untraceable and with generated usernames one doesn’t need to worry about their identity being available as public domain. The prototype of this software is ready to go; however, it features the main chatting functionality, without the encryption process, which will be included later. The expected launch is within the next 2 to 3 weeks, with an ICO in November.

The idea behind the software expanded from a small thought into a large movement of like-minded thinkers and software designers who wish for their anonymity to be valued and respected. Security and anonymity are two things that people have simply forgot about, and there is need for it in the modern world. As such, Blocksender is one chatting app that has many people interested because it wishes to fundamentally change the manner in which one handles their security and anonymity. They do understand that the software has the potential to be used for illicit activities and plan to take decisive measures to reduce that as much as possible.

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About Blocksender

Kristinn Spence is CEO of Blocksender and the application’s main developer and he is from Iceland. Blocksender is designed to be a chatting software that will have military grade encryption. The aim behind this software is to provide the communicating parties with the utmost security and anonymity. They will be creating a token around blocksender which will allow users to earn tokens through the usage of their software. As such, they can earn tokens simply by chatting securely and safely with anyone. Kristinn Spence has worked previously on AirP2P among other projects, making him an immensely talented and qualified person for the job of developing Blocksender.

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